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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page

Year 6 Leavers Performance

World Awareness Week

Statistics using sweets



Computing Lesson - Monday 2nd October


Here is the website for Bletchley Park - Bletchley Park | Home


Google Form - Bletchley Park Quiz


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Computing Lesson 2 - Monday 11th September

Here is the link to the Brute Force Hacking webpage.

Can you explore it further at home?

Can you make a longer password?

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page

Term 3 - What's On!

This term, in English, we will be reading Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. This fits perfectly with our history topic on Ancient Egypt. If you want to read along you can visit the weblink below for a free online version of the text. In Maths, we will be diving into the more formal written methods of multiplication and division as well as revisiting fractions. Lucky for us that this terms value is Perserverence! In PE, we will be shooting some hoops with our basketball lessons as well as hitting the links, learning the basics of golf. 


School Trip to the Tate Modern

Here are just a few pictures of our trip to London during Art Week. We had a particular focus on using textiles in art and examined the artist Bisa Butler


River Trip to Horton Kirby


Year 5 had a brilliant time at the Horton Kirby Environmental Education Centre visiting the River Darent near Dartford. They spent most of their time, ankle deep in the river, measuring the speed of the current, depth and width of the river. After our field work, the children looked at the data and compared it to other years. The day was complete with the children investigating which types of rocks are permeable and impermeable as well as making model rivers with flood defences.

Welcome to the Year 4 class page!

Our Class Worship


The school value for term 4 was forgiveness and excitingly it was our turn to do the values worship for the rest of the school.


We decided to perform the story of Jonah and the Whale (Thank you Mrs Knight for making the props). We then thought about times when our friends or siblings had given us a second chance and thanked them for it.



Science Week


For science week, key stage 2 looked at the wonders of human digestion! We were lucky enough to have our parents join us and most of them enjoyed themselves too!



In topic, we looked at Romans throughout terms 3 and 4. We were fortunate enough to have Tyler bring in some replica Roman armour for everyone to try on! This inspired us to make our own helmets. How do you think we did? 



Animals including humans!

Our science topic for terms 3 and 4 is animals including humans, with a focus on the human body! 

To start our topic, we looked at what parts of the body we knew of and what their purpose was. We then focused on bones! We identified the main bones in the body and thought about what would happen if we didn't have a skeleton.

Currently, we're soaking chicken bones in vinegar and water to see how these liquids impact on the strength of the bones. Watch this space to see the results!

The Romans!

Over terms 3 and 4, our topic is the Romans!

So far, we've looked at what daily life in the Roman period was like, Roman soldiers and we've created a timeline to identify key parts of the Roman Empire!


Have a look below at some of the work we've created.

Welcome to Augustine Page

Year 3

Oliver and the Seawigs


This term we are studying Oliver and the Seawigs.

Watch the trailer using the link below to find out more.

We know Our Place Value!

We have been learning about Place Value in our maths lessons and have made good progress in our understanding. See us using concrete resources to show our understanding of Hundreds, Tens and Ones.

We're Investigating!

We are learning about forces and magnets in Science this term. Our planning skills are developing effectively. We have been learning to identify independent and dependent variables. We have been planning investigations to answers the wonder questions we have.

Ask us about the marble run - it was fun!

How do we get an egg in a bottle?

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Meet the Teacher Welcome Video


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Welcome to our Year 1 Class Page

We’ve been having fun with our capacity work in Maths this week, comparing containers and ordering them from smallest to greatest capacity.
Lovely Polar climate paintings (but we know we can’t have Polar bears and penguins in the same picture!)
We made some symmetrical alien pictures. Can you read their alien names?
We had a lovely trip to Rochester today. We enjoyed travelling on the train with our Year 6 partners. We had an excellent workshop in the “storybook chapel” in the Cathedral, learning about the stories in the stained glass windows. We did some super observational drawings of the castle and enjoyed a sunny picnic and playtime in the castle grounds. 
Look at our amazing drawings! (Our Year 6 partners may have helped a little with our castles but the cathedral pictures are all our own!)
Thank you to everyone who came to watch our class Collective Worship all about the Alphabet. We enjoyed playing with our hats in our phonics lessons, especially making words with split digraphs. Letter E was very busy!
Easter competition winners - well done everyone who entered!
We have been learning about measuring in Maths and used our weighing skills to make some Easter cakes.  With the balance scales we needed to weigh equal quantities of eggs, flour, butter and sugar. 
Did you know that it is possible to stand on eggs without them breaking? Here is some photographic proof....
The results of our eggs-citing eggs-periment. Can you work out which eggs have been in which liquid for a week? The choices are water, milk, cola, vinegar or oil. 
Our egg fact posters.

Dinosaur Science Week 2019

We learned about how fossils are formed and made our own models using clay and plaster. The results were very realistic. 

We found out that the biggest pterodactyl skeleton ever found had a wingspan of 12 metres. We tested to see if it would have fitted in our classroom. Only just!

We had so much fun seeing the dinosaurs at Wingham Wildlife Park today! 

World Book Day 2019


We enjoyed dressing up as book characters and sharing lots of stories. 

We performed more tests in Science today to find out which material would make the best raincoats for ZibZab and BobBlob. We found that metal foil and plastic bin bags were both waterproof but that the plastic made a much better coat. Poor BobBlob got rather soggy but ZibZab stayed nice and dry!
We tested different papers today in Science to see which was the most absorbent. We found that blue paper towels were able to hold the most drops of water, so now we know what is best to use if we need to clear up spilled water on a table.
We had an exciting afternoon building castles from junk. We used lots of mathematical language about 3D shapes and lots of our Castle topic vocabulary. Thank you very much to all the parents who came in to help. We hope you had as much fun as the children. 
We went on an adventure today to the land where the Wild Things are. We found Max’s boat and all our Wild Things waiting for us. We had a rumpus and then brought them back to the classroom for a chocolate biscuit. 
We have been investigating Everyday Materials in Science and today we went on a hunt around school to find examples.
Christmas party time!!
Split digraph ‘a_e’ with plasticine...
At the Tate we saw a piece of Art that was a Sainsbury’s receipt for a shopping list of only white things. We wrote our own orange shopping lists for items for an orange party and here is the receipt and pictures of us enjoying our orange food. 
Here we are matching Autumn leaves to our orange colour charts. We had a big discussion about “What is Orange?” and when does it turn into brown or red or yellow or white. 
As part of Art Week we learned to make tie-dye t-shirts. Here are some pictures of how we wrapped them up in elastic bands and how much fun it was to reveal our designs. 
We went to London today to visit Tate Modern. We revealed a picture on the floor using our body heat and drew the skyline that we could see from the tenth floor. We especially enjoyed having our picnic lunch all together. 
Here are some of the Art works we saw.