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Rooted in God as our vine; we bear fruits.


Bapchild's Vision for Music 

Music is an essential part of life; integral in the development of the whole person. We believe that the opportunity to engage in musical experiences is crucial for the development of the whole child. Learning music develops all aspects of a child’s learning, from the physical action of using an instrument to the mathematical skills needed to keep a pulse. These abilities are directly transferable to other areas of the curriculum, allowing them to flourish, and will be invaluable in their future life. For further details, please take a look at the following document..

How does Music link to our school vision? 


Just as a vine relies on its roots for sustenance and bears fruits as a result, Bapchild pupils can think of their musical education as the roots that nourish their artistic growth. By dedicating themselves to the study and practice of music, they can become "rooted" in their craft. The "fruits" in this context represent the beautiful music they create. This interpretation emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation in music learning, as it serves as the source of artistic expression.

As with the rest of our curriculum, our music lessons are language rich and children are exposed to new vocabulary related to the dimensions of music as they progress through KS1 and KS2. For example, in Year 1 children would refer to the tempo of the music as being fast, slow or in the middle whereas Year 6 children are encouraged to use Italian terms such as Allegro, Adagio and Moderato.

There are plenty of opportunities for an enquiry based approach to learning, particularly during composition work where children will be asked to make decisions about the sounds they create, the instrumentation. They will then be encouraged to consider how improvements could be made.

Opportunities for critical thinking are in abundance during performance and composition activities. Children are always encouraged to listen attentively to their own and the performance of others and make decisions about the tempo, dynamics and timbre in order to achieve a particular effect. Through rehearsing for performances, our children become responsible learners and gain in confidence whilst at the same time, having opportunity to celebrate their achievements. 

 Music Development Plan Summary

At Bapchild, children actively engage in singing, playing, composing, improvising, listening and through our Music Plus programme, every child has opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice.) for a year. There are also many opportunities for children to perform both in school and in the local community. Peripatetic lessons on ukulele, guitar, violin, flute and clarinet are offered along with our Rocksteady music lessons which you can find out more about below.

New for September 2023

There is now the opportunity to learn acoustic guitar, piano and keyboard on either an individual or paired basis. Please contact the school office who will put you in touch with Mrs Julier who has further details. 

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Our Curriculum 


September 2021 saw the return to 'normal' music lessons and throughout the year, we were gradually able to reintroduce performances in front of a live audience. From 2022, we have finally seen the return of opportunities to collaborate with other local schools in the wider community. Our children gain a rich musical experience which includes singing, playing, performing, improvising, composing and listening. 

Our Music Curriculum draws on a variety of bespoke lessons as well as activities taken from schemes such as Kapow, Sing Up, Music Express and Musical Futures. It also incorporates a vast majority of the new non-statutory Model Music Curriculum and the new National Plan for Music. (June 2022.) 






Regardless of the music activity, we ensure that our lessons are sympathetic towards the Bapchild Progression of Music Skills and incorporates a vast majority of the non-statutory Model Music Curriculum.

Bapchild Progression of Music Skills document

Bapchild Strategies for Inclusive Music Education:

Here at Bapchild, there is an expectation that music is for all – this includes those children with SEND or who are Neurodiverse .Activities are often tailored to accommodate different skill levels. For example, while some students might play a melody on an instrument, others might contribute by playing a simple rhythm on non-pitched percussion. e.g instead of a glockenspiel, they are given either individual chime bars, bells or boomwhackers.)

Lessons often incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Visuals like charts or videos, auditory aids like recordings, and physical activities like dancing or clapping all feature in many of our music lessons. For those who are sensitive to the sound, ear defenders are provided.  Using lower pitched notes are also more tolerable.

Would you like to learn an instrument?


 In Term 6 2022, we were lucky to experience a Launch Afternoon by Rocksteady, a music organisation who teach within a band setting. During these sessions, it is possible to learn keyboard, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar or vocals. Children go to lessons in a group of 5 and work together to choose their own band name and piece. Further details can be found on here... 


 We've also had two more demonstrations earlier in 2022. Iva Butler, a violin tutor and Helen Bridger-Smart, a clarinet/flute tutor came along in Term 2. Both tutors talked about their instrument, gave a demo and handed out info to those who were interested in learning.


New for 2023

We will also be offering acoustic guitar lessons as well as piano and keyboard.

 Please contact the school office or contact Mrs Julier if you would like further info. You might also find the following flier of interest too...


Latest Music Events

Term 5 and 6 will consist of preparation for our Year 6 Production of 'Oliver!' After many hours of auditions and decision making, parts were given out on the last Friday before half term and children were asked to try and learn as much of the script whilst they were off school. 

Costumes need to be brought in on Monday 24th June. 

If you would like tickets to come and watch the performances on either Tues 2nd or Wed 3rd July, please make sure you return the slip attached to the recent letter. Closing date for returns is Fri 28th June.


We will also look forward to the final Rocksteady Concert of this academic year which will take place on 5th July and Allsorts Orchestra will share their latest ensemble piece on Fri 12th July. 


To find out more about what we've been up to in previous terms, please click below...

Almost a soon as we return from the festive period, Singing Club will be preparing for their Young Voices Concert at the O2. Details can be found by scrolling down. 

Tickets and T-shirts have safely arrived and will be distributed in the first week back, provided payment has been received. Parents who are coming to watch the concert, are reminded to start making their travel arrangements to and from the O2. Please also ensure you have read the final arrangements letter which was sent out during the last couple of weeks of Term 2. 

Music Events 2023- 2024

Watch this space for new updates as there are several events in the pipeline including...


A visit from our woodwind tutor who will be showing the clarinet, saxophone, flute and piccolo on Tuesday 17th October. 


Harvest Festival performances in October


Highsted Christmas Jamboree on Mon 4th Dec in which our Year 5 class will get together with local Primary and Secondary schools in our community to perform a range of Christmas repertoire. 


Rocksteady and Allsorts Orchestra will also be performing on 17th December. 




Term 6 2023

Year 6 Production

The Year 6 performance of Robin Hood was a great success. If you would still like to join in with the songs, many of the backing tracks can be found on You Tube. 

Music Events 2022-23

You Tube videos of the backing tracks to Robin Hood

Bapchild Singing Club


Our Singing Club meets every Thursday after school and is aimed predominantly at KS2 although Year 2 children may join us in terms 5 and 6. We sing a wide range of repertoire, some of which is based on Collaborative Events with local schools but we also annually have opportunity to participate in the Young Voices Concert at the O2. 










Young Voices 2024

Here are all the lyrics and videos you will need to help you get prepared for our exciting trip to the O2.   We are not allowed to use song sheets at the concert so listen as often as possible.

Still image for this video

You can access all the backing tracks, dance videos and lyric videos in a couple of ways:

If you have Spotify, then please try this link which should take you to the 2024 Album.


Use this link to register your child and gain access Young Voices Music Room where you will find all the vocal tracks, dance videos and song words to YV 2024:




Who are the 2024 artists? 


Nandi Bushell - an upcoming drummer. 

MC Grammar click on the name to find loads of videos and raps to sing along with. 

For those of you who are really keen, you could sign up to  YVTV

YV letters

2023 TERMS 4, 5 and 6 LYRICS AND MUSIC 

In May, we had our own Picnic in the Park and Coronation Concert. This was closely followed by our Singing Festival in June around the them of Courageous Advocacy. Our year was then rounded off by the the Year 6 production of Robin Hood. If you would like to relive any of these moments, take a look at the earlier photos and videos or use the resources below to sing some of the songs....





Green Island Primary School singing Rhythm of Life





Raise My Voice

 Raise My Voice lyric video 

Raise My Voice Dance Moves



Roar - Katy Perry 

St Patrick's Junior Choir performance

'Roar' instrumental backing track

Look further down to find a recording of the harmony part that some of you need to sing in this song....



Be Bold, Be Strong 

Be Bold, Be Strong lyric video 

Be Bold, Be Strong dance moves 


Power in Me 

Power in Me lyric video with dance moves included


World in Union

World in Union performed by St Aubyn's School Bapchild Singing Club members to sing the 'Ah' phrases and then the harmony parts.

World in Union backing track


Let Love Shine Through

Let Love Shine Through song to celebrate diversity

Let Love Shine Through Instrumental only


You should have all been given a sheet with the songwords on however, here's another copy just in case...


My Lighthouse with actions




Building (performance track).mp3

Building (backing track).mp3

Harmony part for 'Roar'

Harmony Part for Bapchild to sing during World In Union

My Movie_1.mp4

Still image for this video

Photos and videos from YV 2023

Still image for this video

My Movie_2.mp4

Still image for this video

My Movie_3.mp4

Still image for this video

My Movie_4.mp4

Still image for this video

My Movie_5.mp4

Still image for this video

My Movie_7.mp4

Still image for this video

Just Around the Riverbend/ Go the Distance






22-LY-Pop Medley From Trolls.mp4

Still image for this video



Still image for this video




Still image for this video