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Our Visit to Tonge Duck Pond

On Friday 28th May we had a lovely morning visiting Tonge Pond as part of our Living Things and Their Habitats topic in Science. In groups the children used magnifying glasses to investigate how many living things, dead things (such as leaves fallen from the tree or benches made from wood) and things that had never been alive. We discussed how the living things we found such as ducks and pond weed were suited to a habitat next to water. We also sat in the sun and sketched a map of the area. All the children behaved wonderfully and it was a lovely end to the term. 

Term 5 - Living things and their habitats

Year 2 have been on a walk around the school grounds to find and identify things that are living, dead and have never been alive using the characteristics of living things (MRS GREN)

M- Movement

R- Respiration (breathing)

S- Sensitivity (senses and feelings)


G- Growth

R- Reproduction (making new life)

E- Excretion (getting rid of waste)

N- Nutrition (eating)


Can you spot from the pictures what we found? Is it dead, living or never been alive?

Term 4 - Animals Including humans

This term we have been learning about how animals survive and in particular what humans need to do to stay healthy. This week we have looked at hygiene. The children have been practising washing their hands and completing a sequencing activity in their book.