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Year 6 2019/20

Website page for our Year 6 Leaver 2019/20

Welcome to Dunstan Class

Our Christian value is Wisdom, as this reflects our role as Year 6 pupils. We enjoy lots of learning and time spent together, but have the additional responsibility of being positive role models to younger pupils.

Some of the responsibilities we hold in Year 6 include; House Captains, First-Aid Monitors, Library Monitors, PALs (Play Activity Leaders), Worship Monitors, Eco-Warriors and Fellowship of Friends.

The learning we do builds on previous learning and encourages us to continue to develop enquiry-based learning skills, reasoning, discussion and reflection. We also spend time during Year 6 preparing for the transition to Secondary School.


Have a look below to see all the things we have been enjoying in school:


Design & Technology Week


We have been looking at the design process. Our remit is to design a car. We focused on the process of planning, designing and trialling prototypes. We thought about our customer-base and how we might improve lives through the use of electric cars.

We then visited Perry's Vauxhall in Bapchild, where we were given a tour, information about cars, and even got to try being 'drivers'!!


You scream, I scream, we all scream for...

Year 5 had great fun making ice cream and learning about endothermic reactions.


Still image for this video

In topic, we have been answering the big question of:

Were the Anglo-Saxons invaders or settlers?

We have been reading stories from Anglo-Saxon times that suggest that the Saxons were invited to Britain to  help fight other groups and, in return, were rewarded with land and money. Some of us decided that this meant that they were simply settlers.

However, others decided that they were invaders because they came, fought but never left and even invited more Saxons to move to Britain.

We had a debate to argue our points.

This term we have been enjoying PE sessions with Steve, a coach from Charlton Football Club.

We have enjoyed learning about healthy eating and the effects of sport, both physically and mentally, and have joined in with team games to do with football, dodgeball and hand ball.

Maidstone Museum Trip


Year Five had a great time at the Maidstone Museum to end our topic on Ancient Egyptians and to start our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. We saw the Egyptian mummy and reminded ourselves of the canopic jars.

 During our workshop, we learnt about where the Anglo-Saxons lived, where they sailed to and their way of life by looking at (and even handling) some artifacts.  It was a great start to our new topic!


During our topic of 'Ancient Egyptians' we have located Egypt on a map and looked at significant features (including the River Nile), learnt about the people and their hierarchy and researched the famous Pyramids. We learnt about the mummification process and even mummified a tomato ourselves. Look at the photos to see how we made an incision in the side, pulled out the 'organs', packed it with natron (bicarbonate of soda and salt) and wrapped it in linen bandages (kitchen roll). We even made a canopic chest and coffin covered with hieroglyphics to put our 'mummy' in.
Year Five enjoyed learning all about dinosaurs in Science week. We learnt about theories on how the dinosaurs became extinct and created backdrops for a 'stop start' motion video to show this. We wrote dinosaur stories and poems and found out facts about our class dinosaur - the velociraptor. After finding out about the size of different dinosaur footprints, we measured them out and drew them to scale on the playground using chalk. Some were almost 2 meters long!
Year 5 enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up and participating in different activities around the school. We had some fantastic costumes ranging from Harry Potter to Billionaire Boy, Where's Wally (he's hiding in one photo!) to Tom Gates and Alice in Wonderland to Matilda. A great effort!

World Book Day

Term Three


Year 5 had a busy last term. In English we covered The Highwayman and Shakespeare's Macbeth. We orally performed the poem and enjoyed writing letters, new verses and play scripts.   

The Highwayman Poem

Still image for this video

In Science we started our topic on Electricity. We investigated static electricity by picking up confetti with a comb, bending water and making our hair stand up on end.

We learnt how to draw diagrams using the correct symbols for electrical circuit components and created circuits using lamps, buzzers, motors and resistors.

In maths we have been learning lots about fractions from equivalent fractions to, simplifying, adding and subtracting fractions.

On top of all this we also: visited Faversham Gym for our PE sessions and enjoyed using all the equipment including the foam pit; we studied 'People of God' in RE looking at the life of Moses; began our topic on Ancient Egypt looking at why pyramids were built, Egyptian gods and the hierarchy of the Egyptians and even fitted in watching a  magic show to end the term.

We look forward to new learning next term!

Our class book this term is Ice Palace where a character goes into the woods in the winter to rescue his brother. We had an expert explorer visit us to tell us some survival tips. We are writing our own winter survival guides using notes we made.  
We had a wonderful week during Art Week exploring the colour purple. We enjoyed our visit to The Tate Modern trying to find purple art, worked with Year Two to create 3D pictures incorporating their colour yellow and ended the week mixing different shades of purple in cups and throwing them at a canvas to create our own purple artwork. 

Art Week

Welcome to our Year 5 class page

We had a fantastic time on the River Darent in Horton Kirby. It was a lovely day wading in the water testing the different currents with ‘Pinky’ the fearless rubber duck!!! Have a look at some of the pictures from the day. 
Use this picture to help you with your homework this week!

Week beginning 21st May 2018


The children have really enjoyed this terms text Gangsta Granny by David Walliams and it was finished off nicely with a visit to the theatre to see it live.  I hope all the children had a wonderful day, they all behaved themselves and were a credit to the school.


This week has been World Awareness Week, the children have been taking part in different activities from around the world.  On Monday they made African masks or necklaces and also did some African art.  On Tuesday they took part in a Zulu dancing session and made robots out of junk - thank you everyone you sent things in.  Today they have been looking at the Honey bee and why they are important.


I hope you all have a relaxing half term and the children come back ready to learn in their final term of Year 4.  Children remember to do your mathletics as the certificates are still counted up during holidays.

It was a long and exhausting day but I hope that all the children had a fantastic day.  The rest of the week is going to be looking at a journey through space/solar system.  If your child has any books or anything else they would like to share, we will try and find time to use them.

Science Museum Trip - Monday 12th March 2018

Children with their Roman sandles they designed and made.

Hope everyone has been keeping warm and safe over the last few days. 

Please can everyone ensure their child/children have their PE kit in school on Monday as they are doing golf at the moment and PE on a Tuesday.

Pictures from art week - can you identify your child from their silhouette?

Science experiments performed by year 4, looking at chemical changes.


Week beginning Monday 6th November 2017


The timetable will be put on hold this week as we enjoy art week.  We will be looking at a painting by Joseph Wright of Derby - An experiment on a bird in an air pump.  We will look at the picture and gather ideas to help us carry out activities.

Maths will move onto written methods of multiplication, please help your child by practicing tables at home.   Mathletics tasks have also been set to help understanding.  If your child gets a certificate please let me know.


Congratulations go to the whole class for winning Buster book last week, this is added up on a Thursday morning, so please ensure your child is reading at least 20mins a day.

Congratulations to Ella-May who got a sports award in Fridays celebration assembly.  Blake F was our class pupil of the week and our table winners were Yellow, Green, Red and Orange table -  Well done.


Please remember to start saving 250ml plastic bottles and old newspapers for our DT project - thank you.



Week beginning 30th October 2017

Welcome back Year 4.  I hope you had a lovely week off.  We have all survived the first term and are hopefully feeling ready to learn again.  



Our English topic for the first couple of weeks is information text, where we will be using the book Gregory Cool to collect information on Tobago.  This along with research will help us to write a holiday brochure.

Maths moves on the multiplication and division to really master all four operations.

Science continues to look at chemical reactions - what observations can we make to help explain what is happening.

In Geography we continue to look at the structure and different types of volcano.  Please can you save empty 250ml plastic bottles and old newspapers, as these will be used for a DT lesson

This term we are going to the gym on a Thursday morning  - please ensure permission slips are returned. 

Welcome to our new Year 4 class


This week, we have just finished investigating what liquid comes out of leaves. We set our investigation last week by placing a plant in a sealed plastic bag. Today, when we looked at it, there was a clear liquid in the bag, which we tested and found was water. As a class we're getting very good at writing up our investigations!
This term in science, we are finding out about plants and photosythesis. First we looked at carnivorous plants, such as the Venus Fly Trap. We investigated how long it would take for the trap to close once two trigger hairs had been.


Our class value is trust.

We have been looking at what trust really means to us and others in our lives.


World Awareness Week. This week celebrated our neighbours from around the globe. Children had the chance to soak up the cultures of other countries and appreciate differences of religion and ways of life. From African Mask Dancing to Tea in China, this has been a truly memorable learning experience for all.

Our visit to Leeds Castle.  We all had a wonderful experience at Leeds Castle.  The children and staff all got the chance to dress up as past royals and act out past events which took place within the history of Leeds Castle.  The secret doors and Queen's bathroom were definitely a hit with us all, with some very interesting information shared by the tour guide.


Leeds Castle

In English during term 1 the children had the opportunity to create their very own monster adventure story.  I hope you all had the chance to look through these at parents evening,  the children worked so hard building these up and using effective vocabulary.


All of year 3, including members of staff were excited about our science in term 1.  Lots of whizz, bangs and pops.  Investigating how forces work, from pulling objects along different surfaces to measuring force with newton meters, exploding film canisters with air pressure and the famous squeeze an egg through the conical flask using only lit candles.


Designing and building their own air driven car was definitely a highlight for all. 


In term 1 our topic was water.  We investigated how we use water in our lives every day for hygiene, survival and leisure.  The children used their imagination and some lovely end of topic research models and display posters. 


Welcome to our new Year 3 page.

Work from Year 2.

Trying on a real life oxygen mask.
As part of our RE lesson we looked at how we can care for the environment and we completed a litter pick.

As part of our RE lesson we looked at how we can look after the enviroment and we completed a litter pick around the school.

As part of our English topic: Explanation texts. We investigated an alien invasion and we were visited by a top scientist, Dr James Tennant.

Alien Invasion- A visit from Dr James Tennant

Last week We went to Chatham Dockyard as part of our topic Explorers and beyond. 

As part of our Topic lessons Cranmer Class held an art exhibition. They created pieces of art in the style of Picasso and influenced by our RE topic: Hinduism. All the money will be going to Oxfam for a goat in India.


Thank you for all of your kind donations.


Cranmer Class

Art Exhibition

Today we created a new version of the Gingerbread Man. Our version is called the Gingerbread Teacher.

The Gingerbread Teacher

As part of our RE topic Hinduism. We had a Diwali party and learnt about the story of Rama and Sita.

Diwali Celebration

Here are some pictures of us sharing some poems and performing them to the class.

Shared poetry and performing

During Term One we will be learning about some exciting topics.

In History we will be learning about ourselves and others in the living memory, our Science topics is animals including Humans, in Art we will be studying and re-creating in the style of Picasso and in Religious Education we will be learning about Hinduism.

Welcome to our new Year 2 page!

Science week

This week we have enjoyed learning about plants as part of science week. We have written and published our own books telling an alternative story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have grown our beans using clear cups and tissue paper and have used this for observational drawing. We have also planned and carried out an investigation to see if the colour of water can change the colour of a flower. 

Thank you to all the families who came to our class assembly we hope you enjoyed it!

We enjoyed telling you about the journey of an egg cress sandwich from farm to fork. 

Our Class Assembly

Thank you FOBS!

We had a great time at our Infant Disco :-) Pictures on Ramsey Class page

Welcome to Year 1!

We are having an exciting and fun year in year 1 and we hope you enjoy looking at all our learning on our page. 


Wingham Wildlife Park!

Year 1 went exploring in Wingham wild life park on Thursday 26th March. We saw a wide menagerie of animals. We found out where they live in the world and what they like to eat. Look at some of our brave children wearing snakes, stroking bearded dragons and holding tarantulas!


The Igloo!

This term we have been building our igloo. We have been using recycled milk cartons and a glue gun to build our igloo. We are grateful for all of your milk bottle donations however we still need more to finish the roof. If you could please collect more 2 pint and 4 pint bottles, then rinse thoroughly please. 

See pictures below and check back for updates! 


Our Igloo


In topic over the next two terms we are learning about explorers! In particular we have been learning about the Explorer Ernest Shackleton. He explored Antarctica and his expedition lasted four years. Although his expedition was unsuccessful he did return with all of his men!

If you would like to do any research at home please feel free to bring it in and share it with the class.

Here we are identifying and sorting materials in Science!