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Year Three have been learning all about life in the Stone Age. We have looked at the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Nesolithic periods, Stone Age houses and tools. The children even made some Stone Age art using natural materials including sticks, mud, charcoal and berries to look like cave paintings.
Year Three have been talking about how we can think more positively. They didn't say things they couldn't do. Instead they wrote things down that they couldn't do...YET! Some children have even posted their target snowballs into our YETI's mouth to celebrate achieving them!
In Term 3, Year Three were learning about chemical reactions in Science. (No teachers were harmed in the making of this video!)


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Year Three loved reading the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. They made their own Seawig and wrote instructions for how to make one. They held a 'Night of the Seawig' competition. Daisy won and will be the judge of next years competition!

Year three enjoyed reading the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs' and even made their own Seawigs for the Night of the Seawig competition. They wrote instructions for how to make your own Seawig.

Year Three have been looking at the Artist Claude Monet. We found out all about his life and explored some of his paintings; especially ones with water in. The children experimented with pastels to recreate on of his paintings and then went on to mixing water colour paints to create different shades. They all had a go at creating their own version of his famous 'Japanese Bridge' over waterlilies and created some beautiful final pieces which are now up on display in the school.

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Year 1 page

We enjoyed our Sports Day this morning. Everyone tried they’re best and supported their team mates. Bristol had quite a monopoly in the running races but it was York who triumphed overall, despite being plagued by the flies that always particularly like their yellow t-shirts!
We had a great day in Rochester. We did an I-Spy trail in the Cathedral and learned about Baptism. We had our lunch by the castle and then did some observational drawings. 
Some photos from our visit to Morrison’s in Faversham. We tried cheeses from different countries, made our own knotted rolls in the bakery and looked at the products from the World Food aisles. 
Out and about in our Science lesson, looking closely at leaves to help us identify different plants. 
Can you recognise who is jumping into the foam pit at Faversham gym?
We have been really enjoying our work on “The Bog Baby” by Jeanne Willis. We made our own Bog Babies but they went missing but then we found them in the secret garden. 
In Art we have been learning about hot and cold colours. Have a look at our fabulous Hot Dogs and Cool Cats!

Duckling Diary

Duckling Diary Day 1


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To start our Science Week, Michael from Creepy Claws brought some exciting animals for us to see and touch and learn about.

Look at our amazing castle models! 

We have used them in Maths to describe the 3d shapes they are built from and we have used them in Science to discuss the different materials they are constructed from.

Thank you to all the parents who came in yesterday to help with our Castle building afternoon. The children have been enjoying learning about Castles and were rightly proud of their models which included some very sophisticated constructions. Some even had working drawbridges!
Some pictures from our Christingle making with Prayer Stations this morning.
Party time!!
Alisa and Lana did a super job of making a Nativity scene with silhouettes on a lightbox as part of our Infant Christmas Service. We used the same Nativity figures on the special hats we made to wear to church.
Here are some pictures from our fabulous Nativity Play. You were all brilliant!

Art Week!

We have had a very busy Art Week and have produced lots of work and tried lots of new techniques. The week took inspiration from a famous painting from the National Gallery called "Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump" by Joseph Wright of Derby. Here we are making a "Freeze Frame" of the picture.

We noticed the moon in the painting and made our own pictures of moons and planets using stencils and chalk, carefully blending to make them look spherical. We also learned about the phases of the moon.
We also thought about air because of the air pump in the picture. We saw a bottle with a straw and decided to make paintings with straws.
In the painting is a jar with an object floating in it. Nobody is quite sure what it is. We had lots of different ideas such as a dead mole, a dinosaur bone and a lump of mud. When we looked at our blow paintings we could also see lots of different things and so we added lines and eyes to the shapes to show what we could see.
We were also interested in the shadows that the candle in the middle made all around. We explored the idea of shadows by making silhouette portraits. 
We made shadow pictures using cellophane and sugar paper inside laminating pouches. We could shine a light through them and project the shapes onto the ceiling.
We finished the week by performing an exciting shadow dance around the maypole, projecting light through our cellophane pictures to make colours on the ceiling.


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Last week fun! 

Our turn to do Godly Play in the Church.

7th July 2017