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Rooted in God as our vine; we bear fruits.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 Class Page

Year 3 PE - Term 1 

This term the children have been mastering the skills of Netball. We have focused on two types of passes, the chest pass and bounce pass, ensuring we make a W shape with our hands on the back of the ball before we throw. Also, the children have been working on intercepting the ball in order to gain possession for their team.

Year 3 English - Term 1

Our focus for this term is Bedtime Stories for Monsters.

In this unit of work, the children have worked hard to produce an alternative ending to the original story and a newspaper report. 

Year 3 were tasked with finding evidence that a monster had visited our school, so went clue collecting on the field as if they were reporters!


Term 1 has got off to a great start. The children are settling really well and very soon we look forward to our Harvest Church Service which is on Wednesday 11th October. Year 3 will be at the 11.00am Church Service. 

 It would be amazing if the children could start practising some of the songs at home. 

Here is a list of  the songwords and backing tracks...


I want to grow beans

We will be singing along to the following backing track  I want to grown beans backing track

Year 3 Science - Term 1

This term in Science we have been learning about the topic of Light. We introduced the unit with a demonstration of a plasma sphere and a florescent tube. The children were amazed that the plasma sphere acts as an electromagnetic wave source with strong fields beyond its walls. Bringing a fluorescent tube near it accelerates electrons, creating an electric current that lights up the bulb.

Year 2 trip to Wingham


We had a wonderful day at Wingham. We saw tigers, giraffes, lions, penguins, chimpanzees, snakes, flamingoes, crocodiles and many more. We enjoyed the animatronic dinosaurs and bugs, had a lovely picnic together and loved the new adventure playground. The children had a fantastic time and were beautifully behaved. A credit to the school. Some lovely memories made for children and staff. 

Mrs Clark

Welcome to our Year Two class page!

Year 2 trip to The Tate Modern

We had a wonderful day at the Tate. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed experiencing the Art. We looked out especially for examples of weaving as this is what our Art Week focus was. 

Term 3

This term we are reading the book 'The Man on the Moon!' By Simon Bartram. 


We have read the book, retold the story and now we are in the process of planning and writing our own fantasy stories based on this story. We took part in a drama lesson to help us structure our stories. 


This term we are learning about two significant nurses. 

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

We have learnt many facts about them, ask your child to see if they can remember any.


Welcome to Year 1 Class Page

Celebrating World Book Day with our fabulous Information Book costumes!

The theme for Science Week this year was growth. We thought about how patterns grow and decorated some cardboard squares that we then used to try and “grow” the tallest structure (with no additional materials). We learned a lot about trial and error, perseverance, team work and the need for a wide base area!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Science Museum. 

Our Topic this term is the History of Transport. We will be finding out whether the wheel was the most important invention ever.

We have been reading this Anansi story in English and have been inspired by the illustrations to create our own collage spider characters.

As part of our Geography topic “Where do I live?”, we made this map of our village showing all the important features of Bapchild.

We combined our English, Science and Art learning to work on these collaborative Wild Things. Each group worked with only one material - plastic, paper, metal, wood and rock.

Off to church for our Christmas service with our hand sewn angel finger puppets. 

What a lot of beautiful angels and lovely lambs ready for our Nativity play!

Our fabulous jaguars! We looked closely at the pattern of their fur and learned how to tell the difference between jaguars, leopards and cheetahs. We made the backgrounds using just blue and yellow paint that we mixed on the paper and then used the other end of the paintbrush to scratch details into our leaves. 

Design Week 2021

This week we have been designing and making cereal bars. First we tasted some existing cereal bars for market research and inspiration.

Next we designed and made our recipes and packaging.

Here are some of our products ready to take home for taste testing before a final evaluation. 

We used chalk and charcoal to make observational drawings of feathers before cutting them up to collage our bird sculptures. Everyone managed to get their sculptures to stand up and remembered to decorate both sides because a sculpture is three-dimensional.

Some photos from Harvest Festival. Well done everyone for your beautiful singing in Church.

In Science, we have been learning to identify some common British birds. Have a look at our lovely paintings of them. How many can you recognise?

We looked closely at the features of our faces and tried to include as much detail as we could in these self-portraits. The beautiful backgrounds were made by laying tissue paper squares onto a wet background and then peeling them off when it was dry.

Our class value is “Openness”. We made these birds on our Transition Day to illustrate the story of The Mustard Seed which teaches us how great things grow from tiny seeds and that we should be open to all the new learning and experiences that will help us grow into the best people we can be. 

In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans. We drew round the tallest and shortest children in our class to make this display and identified and labelled different parts of the body. 

We also talked about the different bones inside our bodies and made these skeleton pictures inspired by the book “Funnybones”.