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Year 6 - 2018/19

Year 6 - 2018/19

Welcome to our Year 6 class page

Year 6 Online Survey


Here is our survey - this is for use in our lesson only, please don't complete it until Mrs Gambell tells you to!

Year 6 and Year 1 Adventure to Rochester

Year 6 and Year 1 had a real adventure today, arriving at Sittingbourne station and being escorted into our private carriage! We arrived at Rochester and bade a sad (temporary) farewell to Year 1 after Year 6 had safely escorted them across the roads. We walked down to Chatham Memorial Synagogue where Irina showed us around and we learned lots about the Jewish faith. We compared the Synagogue with our local Church and thought about the similarities and the differences between them. We saw the precious Torah scrolls and learned how Jewish people worship. We then walked back down the High Street and met up with Year 1 for a lovely lunch in Rochester Castle gardens, played some games and caught the train home. What a fantastic day out in the sunshine!

Chatham Synagogue and Rochester Castle Gardens

Outdoor Maths!


Year 6 did great maths today solving perimeter problems using the playground space.

Year 6: Active Maths - Perimeter Revision!

Fantastic Poetry!


Well done Yasmin, Charlie and Megan who wrote these fantastic poems in response to the poems we have been studying after our trip to the Dockyard. The class have done brilliantly ; what a group of talented poets!

Trip to Chatham Dockyard!


We had a fantastic day at the Dockyard; we were kept very busy with three workshops and one submarine tour! We spent time in an air raid shelter, built and tested our own ships and then created a dramatic version of a war-time poem written by a Naval Officer. We also got the chance to have a sneaky peek at the set and some of the cast of BBC2's up-coming World On Fire series, although sadly Sean Bean was nowhere to be seen! The children were fantastic company, and we all learnt a lot. Check out our photos!

World War Two


We have been busy learning about World War Two this term. We’ve used two beautiful picture books to develop our understanding of how lives were affected during this time. We have also done some amazing writing: a biography of Anne Frank; a non-chronological report using our own research; and this week we will be writing stories, ‘The Night The Bombs Fell’.

RE - The Sermon On The Mount


As part of our work this term on Gospel, on Friday afternoon, we explored The Sermon On The Mount.

We looked at artistic representations of this famous chapter in Jesus's 'Good News', we explored it in copies of our Bible and we interpreted quotes using drama! 

The Sermon On The Mount

During Arts week, we had the pleasure of a trip to London to visit the Tate Modern.

As we have been looking at different types of optical illusions in science and art this term we were very excited to see some really special pieces of art.

The children were inquisitive and interested and a great day out was had by all.


Here we are in Term 2! We were very excited to welcome Gordon Henderson to our class, who helped us with our learning “to what extent was Ancient Greek democracy actually a democracy?”. He answered all our questions and led us in a House of Commons-style debate using our Greek pebbles!



Year 6 have had a very busy start in Term 1!

After PESE, Isle of Wight and the excitement of nominating House Captains; we are finally settling into school life.


On Wednesday 3rd October, Year 6 went to Rochester Cathedral to participate in some STEM activities.

Rochester Cathedral - STEM day!

Year 5 took their ‘Tuesday’ stories down to Year 1 to share them with the children. They enjoyed their flying pig stories to the younger children and seeing their enjoyment. 


Welcome to our new Year 5 page.

Year 5 entered their posters to the Litter Angels competition and 5 children got chosen as Bapchild's finalists. The finalists attended a presentation evening on Wednesday 8th November and here are some of the pictures.

This has been a fantastic art week, all based around the painting An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by Joseph Wright of Derby, 1768.

We started the week with a few ideas in mind but ultimately let the children decide what they wanted to do based on the painting. Year 5 had some fantastic ideas such as: writing a song based on the characters, creating a 3D diorama of the painting, sketching portraits in the dark with torches, writing diaries for the characters and creating flip book animations just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of the children's work.

Flip Book by Luka

Still image for this video

Take one picture.mp3

Here is a recording of the song the children made based on the painting. Each verse is based on a character from the painting.
Use the picture below to help you with your homework for the week of September 18th.

Use this picture to help you with your homework for September 18th.

Our Class Christian Value is Forgiveness

We have been learning about The Prodigal Son and thinking about how we are forgiven and forgive others.

Sports Day!

Thank you for all coming to sports day 2017! Year 4 all had an excellent time and I was proud at their support and encouragement of each other! 

Sports Day! Thank you to all that came (twice)!

Bush Craft Day! 


On 14th June year four set out on their team building and bush craft day! The children took part in camouflage and concealment activities where some of use ended up quite muddy! After this children sat around the fire for hot chocolate and a snack. Unfortunately due to the hot weather we were unable to create fires however this children did construct hammocks. To the children's credit these were so well built they could hold the adults! Children also took part in den building girls v.s boys! We couldn't possibly pick a winner as both teams worked relentlessly. We hope you enjoy our photos! 


We have been learning about the invasion Boudicca led on the Roman Empire. We were acting out a scene about the relationships Boudicca had with the people around her. 

Boudicca drama



This term we have been playing Squash in P.E and we have really enjoyed playing this, single player, competitive game.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying ourselves. 

Science Week


The theme of science week this year has been changes. We have been focusing on acids and alkalis and the effect acids have on different substances. 

Our experiments have included:

- Invisible coke 

- The colours of cabbage

- Quick sand

- Investigating the effects of acid on a bone

- Fight fire with fizz

- Fizzy potion 


This term we have designed and then made our own sandals using Design and Technology.

Aztec Sun Stones

To link with our learning about the Aztecs, we have learnt about the Aztec Sun Stone which the Aztecs used as a calendar. We made replicas from clay, thinking carefully about carving Aztec patterns ready for painting.



We prepared our Christingles through a series of prayer stations which encouraged us to pray for those in the world less fortunate than us, reflect, take part in Fizzy prayers and think about who we are particularly thankful for.

Family Trust Christmas lesson


Family Trust helped us to learn about the Christmas story through a series of characters from the Nativity story speaking in role. We thought carefully about how each (Mary, shepherd, Herod, wise man) would have felt.

Faversham Gym

This term, we have been lucky enough to go to Faversham gym. We have had the chance to use the equipment there to develop our gymnastics skills.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

by C.S. Lewis.


This term we are reading 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We have described and compared the characters of Mr Tumnus and the White Witch and learnt about fantasy/imaginary world settings (like Narnia) so we could create our own! We have even tried Turkish Delight as this is what the White Witch gave to Edmund - luckily ours wasn't enchanted!



We are currently writing our own fantasy/imaginary world stories! Here are a couple of examples of openings to hook the reader...


Our class is called Becket and it is named after a previous Archbishop of Canterbury called Thomas Becket. Come and read some of our work on display in the entrance hall to find out more!


This year, we are using a new scheme in Science called Empiribox. This involves lots of practical demonstrations as well as the children planning and carrying out investigations of their own.


In our first week, we learnt about how air pressure works. After each demonstration, we drew and labelled a diagram to show the forces at work.

- The glass and card trick

- The egg and flask

- Magdeburg spheres

In the follow-up lesson about air pressure, we planned our own investigations using fizz-pop rockets. With our partner, we chose an independent variable to investigate, such as type of liquid, amount of tablet or temperature of water.

We had to measure the liquid carefully then get the lid on the film canister quickly. We waited patiently for the air pressure to build up and timed how long this took.

Our work from Year 3.

We performed our Wizard of Oz playscripts using stick puppets. We even created our own backdrops!

We loved dressing up for National Storytelling Week as our favourite book characters!

We loved learning about Air Resistance! We created parachutes for eggs and Mr Wood dropped them from the school roof!

We enjoyed going to church for our Harvest Festival. Maddi did a fantastic job reading on behalf of our class!

Welcome to Year 3!


This term our class text will be James and the Giant Peach and from this text we will then be learning how to write stories and newspaper articles in our English learning. In Maths, we will be learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Science, we will be learning about Forces. Our topic for this term is Water.


Mr Wood - Class Teacher





Below is archived material from the cohort's time in KS1.

Welcome to our new Year 3 page!

Today we had a French picnic.
As part of RE this term we have discussed caring for others. We created caring hands and then used this to make a class caring tree.
In Topic we have been learning about aviation. Today we learnt about Harriet Quimby and then we made paper aeroplanes.

In topic we have been learning about aviation. Today we learnt about Harriet Quimby and then we built paper aeroplanes.

Thank you FOBS!

We had a great time at our Infant Disco :-) Pictures on Ramsey Class page

On Wednesday 25th March Cranmer Class visited Chatham dockyards. This tied in with our History topic: Explorers and with our Science topic: Everyday materials. All the children really enjoyed the trip. They got to go on a real life submarine, find out how rope is made, investigated materials that float and sink, looked around lifeboats and they even got to go on a big pirate ship called the HMS Gannet. 
This term we have had the privilege of attending the gymnastics centre in Faversham. We have been exploring how we can use our bodies and the equipment to balance and move. 


Today was world book day. Cranmer Class joined in today by dressing up as some amazing characters and we have shared some of our favourite stories as a class.

World book day fancy dress

During term two Cranmer class organised a coffee morning. This was to raise money to buy a goat in India. By buying a goat this meant that a child could then afford to go to school. We decided to raise money for India as we were learning all about India in Geography. We raised £55 and this meant we could buy four goats to help four children.