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Year 1

Term 6
Our Traction Man inspired stories are looking in fantastic!
Some pictures from our Sports Morning. Brilliant effort from everyone - well done!
Postcards from our pretend school trip to Paris today. 
Finished Polar Bear sculptures!
Polar Bear sculptures in progress...
We have been learning about hot and cold colours. Have a look at our beautiful Hot Dogs and Cool Cats. 
Some snippets of video from our “Owl and the Pussycat” themed Class Worship this afternoon. Enjoy!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We have made our own illustrations for Edward Lear’s poem “The Owl and the Pussycat”.
The Flower Fairies helped us identify flowers in the garden today. 
We are going to miss our chicks when they leave tomorrow so we made our own fluffy pom-pom chicks to remind us of them. 
Watching our eggs hatch. 


Still image for this video
A socially distanced music lesson.


We made pictures using real leaves and flowers inspired by our new book “Wild” by Emily Hughes. 

Home Learning

(Updated 22/03/2020)

Please click on the Power Point or the PDF version below to access the home learning guidance for this class.

Term 4
In case you didn’t take your Mother’s Day cards home on Friday, here they all are. So beautiful!
Our first Ukelele lesson. We loved it! Thank you Mrs Julier!
Here is our Sleeping Beauty story map. Can you use it to retell the story?
Fantastic costumes for World Book Day!
Term 3
In Science this term we have been learning about Materials. Here we are testing materials to see which are waterproof and which are the most absorbent. We then thought about which material would make the best raincoat for Tidy Teddy. Foil was waterproof but tears easily.  We needed to find a material which was strong as well as waterproof. 
Each term we do an observational drawing in our sketch books. This term the subject is “My Shoe”. 
Term 2
Here we are on the way to our Christmas service at the church.
Christmas dinner! And our hats doubled as a Maths lesson in repeating patterns.
What a lot of lovely angels and innkeepers ready for our Nativity Play.
We have been looking at 3D shapes in Maths. We went on a hunt around the school to spot 3D shapes in the environment.
A new display of our fabulous favourite toy pictures to replace our equally beautiful Rainbow Fish. 
Have a look at some photos from our first gymnastics lesson at Faversham Gym. We are so lucky to get to use all the fantastic equipment there!

Design &Technology Week 2019

We began our week with a visit to the garage on London Road. We looked at the new cars in the showroom, inspected an engine and watched the mechanics fixing cars in the workshop. 

We learned to name the parts of a car and then applied our new vocabulary to labelling a real car. 
Here are some Year 1s with their car-building teams and some photos from the Grande Finale races. 
To support our new book Dogger, we brought our own favourite cuddly toys to school. Here they are helping with our Maths!
In Science we have been learning to identify birds. Can you recognise these birds from our paintings?
Term 1
Here are some pictures from Harvest Festival this morning and the story map we used to help us perform “The King’s Breakfast” by AA Milne. Can you remember all the words?
These are the big paintings we made to help us with ideas for our colour-themed senses poems and a class poem we planned and wrote together about the colour yellow. 
In Science, we have been learning about how trees change in the different seasons. We are waiting for the leaves to change colour and fall to the ground so that we know that it is Autumn.

We have been learning to tell the story of The Little Red Hen, using actions and a story map. Ask for a performance!

We also made our own bread using flour that we ground ourselves, just like the Little Red Hen. It was delicious and very professional looking!

Memories of our time in Ramsey Class (Reception)


We have continued our theme of journeys this week enjoying stories like ‘The Naughty Bus’ and ‘The Train Ride.’ We have drawn pictures of where we would like to travel to and painted our faces ready for our journey on our imaginary class bus. In Maths we have been learning about direction and building our own obstacle courses to direct a toy and each other through.
We have started our new theme about journeys and transport. We enjoyed our book ‘You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus’ and wrote interesting sentences about the types of animals that can’t go on the bus and why. In Maths we have been learning to read and write number to 100. We have also made bike as part of the story ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ and enjoyed our new part of the outside classroom.
We have had a super busy week with both Sports Day as well as our first ever class worship on superheroes and everyday heroes. In Maths we have been busy counting in twos and working on creating repeating patterns. In Literacy we have been focusing on the parts of a plant.
Mrs Daly and I were so proud of your amazing achievements in Sports day. Well done.
This week we began our theme of growing plants. We enjoyed the story of ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and wrote instructions for planting a bean seed. We also planted our own sunflower seeds, painted our own sunflowers and explored and tasted fruits with seeds.
We have enjoyed continuing with our superhero theme. We wrote about the superhero power we would most like to have. We also printed our own vegetable superhero picture and made our own superhero vegetable like in our class book ‘Supertato’. We have created our own superhero scene, making the props to go with it and had a fun day dressed up as superheroes.
We have started our theme of superheroes. We have enjoyed making superhero masks and role playing being a superhero. We have told stories about being a superhero as well as writing about how we can be an everyday superhero.
We enjoyed our visit from a veterinary nurse as part of our learning this week about people who help us. We learnt about the microchips dogs have in their necks to help the vet find out who they belong to if they get lost. We found out how we check a dog if they are feeling poorly by looking in their eyes and ears as well as practising our bandaging skills and stroking a guinea pig.
This week we have been exploring the story of ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog.’ We have enjoyed making our own hedgehogs, retelling the story and making our own thank you cards. In Maths we have been trying hard to count on from a number when adding. We have also enjoyed exploring different equipment in P.E.
 This week we have been learning about the lifecycle of a frog and enjoyed the story ‘Tadpole’s Promise’. We have used sequencing words to write about the lifecycle of a frog and had lots of fun making our own frogspawn. In maths we have been learning about time and using the clocks to tell our friends what we do at certain times.
We have been learning about the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. We have written sentences to describe the butterfly lifecycle and made fruit skewers to remind us of the importance of healthy eating. We have also enjoyed our first yoga session.
We have started the term by learning about new life. We have looked at how some living things are born from eggs and others are born live from their mummies. We have also enjoyed making edible nests. In Maths we have been exploring doubling.
It has been a busy end to the term. The children’s Easter bonnets and eggs looked amazing. Well done our winners. We came into our classroom on the last day of term to see that we had, had a visit from the Easter bunny. We also enjoyed a Easter egg hunt in the secret garden and found a little treat inside.
The children sang their creation song amazingly at the Easter church service and looked great in their creation themed headbands. We were so proud of them all.
We have been busy exploring our new garden centre as well as planting seeds to brighten up our outside classroom.
We have started our new theme of spring. We enjoyed a lovely walk in the school grounds spotting signs of spring and spent time discussing what it is we look forward to in spring.
We had a lovely time on our trip to Wingham Wildlife Park as part of our science week. We have enjoyed learning lots about dinosaurs. We have written about the features of different dinosaurs, created our own dinosaur stories and completed lots of dinosaur craft activities.
We have enjoyed learning about pancake day. We have written instructions using sequencing words and made our very own pancakes. It was lots of fun.
This week have enjoyed a wonderful day dressed up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day. During the day we have taken part in a wide variety of activities. Well done Scarlett and Theo our class winners.
 We have started term four looking at food and cooking. We have written instructions on how to make a sandwich and then had a go at making our own. We have also written and drawn about our own favourite sandwich as well as a disgusting one.
We have tasted different types of breads, made our own bread and enjoyed eating it.
We have been learning about Chinese New Year and comparing it to our family traditions. We have enjoyed playing in our Chinese restaurant role play, making dragon masks and decorations. We had great fun tasting a range of Chinese foods. 
We went on a walk to the fruit and vegetable shop in the village to buy our snack and use our learning about money. We paid for our fruit with a 20p. It was a very cold day so we enjoyed a hot chocolate when we got back.
We took part in our first Godly Play session and learnt about the Holy Family. We enjoyed lots of fun activities afterwards.
We have began this term by looking at winter and the things around us that tell us it is here. We went on a winter walk to see if we could spot the signs in our environment. We shared a story about a bear’s winter house and then explored making shelters of our own for different animals. We have also looked at the types of animals that live in winter weather all year round.
We had lots of firsts this week. We enjoyed our first school Christmas dinner, took part in our first Christmas service, made our first Christingle and had our first Christmas party. 
We enjoyed dressing up and taking part in our first nativity. Mrs Daly and Mrs Coffey were so proud.
Well done Felix and Maya for being our good work pupils for this term.
We have had a lovely time decorating the school Christmas tree with our handmade decorations in worship. We also took part in our first dress rehearsal for our nativity.
We have continued our learning about space this week with the text ‘Here comes the aliens’. We have written labels to help the aliens know what things on earth are called as well as thinking about what we would tell an alien about how we keep healthy. We have also made planets, created aliens and weighed space objects.
Well done Evelyn for being our Jackson Award winner this term for being a kind, polite and thoughtful member of the class.
We won Buster’s book club again this term. Well done Ramsey class for all that reading.
We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Whatever Next’. We have acted it out, made space pictures on the computer and built rockets like in the story.
This week we decorated biscuits for Children in Need and enjoyed eating them afterwards.
Some of our star readers so far this term. Well done.
We have been enjoying lots of arts and crafts during our art week. We have created pictures in the style of the artist Piet Mondrian, made firework pictures and rockets as well as divas.
A great start to term two, we won Buster’s book club. We have been trying really hard with our sounds and reading our books.
Our maths and writing has improved lots too.
This week we have learnt our first sounds and have been busy writing them in different ways.
We have been busy learning to recognise our numbers to 10 and beyond.
We enjoyed our welcome service where we performed our starting school poem and received our very first children’s bible. Our harvest festival celebration in the school was lots of fun too.

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Jolly Phonics Sound Songs

Songs to help your child learn their sounds in a fun way!

Our first few weeks at school have been very busy. We have been practising our counting of different objects, learning to recognise and write our names as well as making lots of new friends.

We have had some exciting changes over the summer. Our inside classroom looks very different now. Here is a sneaky peek.

Our outside classroom has had some new additions too.