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Year 1

Welcome to the new Year 1 page


World Awareness Week

For World Awareness Week the children took part in lots of sporting activites, along with exploring a country from a different continent each day. 

In Year 1 we looked at Australia, Africa, Japan, France and Brazil.

Below are a range of images from World Awareness Week. 


World Book Day 

For world book day this year we focused on our favourite authors. The children came into school dressed as characters from their favourite authors books. We had lots of lovely costumes, including police men, super heros, lots of Harry Potters and even a red panda! 

Term 3

Computing- Build a Rocket to the Moon

This term in Computing we were creating rockets. We used the computers to write a list of materials, design our rockets and write instructions. 

We then created our rockets following our instructions and lauched them across the classroom, recording the distance on the computers in a table. 


Here are some pictures of us launching our rockets. 

Term 1

What do you want to be when you are older?

Non-school Uniform


To end a lovely term we have had a non-school uniform with the children coming in dressed as their dream jobs! We've had lots of police men, princesses, vets, and even a unicorn! It has been lovely to hear about their dreams and inspirations. 

Term 1

This term we have been reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'! To explore the plot and get ready to write our own version we planned and carried out our own Temple Class Tea Party. 

We created decorations, wrote invitations, planned sopping lists and more.

We then had our tea party (with lots of sweet treats) and invited a special stripy guest along!


Term 5


During term 5, we were exploring the question 'How do you do that?'

The children showed a real interest in different occupations and we looked at what jobs people do and the qualities people need to do those jobs well. 


These are the books we looked at over the term:


We invited some parents in to talk to us about their jobs. 

Eddie's dad is a police officer. He told us about how he helps lots of people every day. He showed us the uniform he wears and some children got to try some helmets and jackets on. 

Jack's mum is a scientist. She talked to us about the work she does to capture carbon dioxide. 

The children really enjoyed exploring different jobs and we had lots of role play as police officers, builders, chefs, teachers, opticians (Jacob's dad is an optometrist and gave us some glasses frames to use in our play), dentists, gardeners and many more. 

In PE this term, we looked at the fastest sprinter in the world: Usain Bolt. The children used timers to time how fast they could run and then looked at techniques to help them run even faster. We also practised our ball skills with rolling, throwing and catching. 

To end the term, we had our World Awareness Week where we looked at different people's religions and faiths and how they live and worship. We looked at the Hindu Dhama faith and made Hindu sweets after reading 'Ganesha's Sweet Tooth'. We explored the Sikhi faith and made flower garlands. We made Challah bread when we learnt about Judaism. We looked at how Eid is celebrated in Islam. 

We visited Canterbury Cathedral to find symbols of the Christian faith and found candles, crosses and doves. We made our own stained glass windows. 

Spring Walk


We started term 5 with our seasonal walk in the village. We noticed that there were more leaves on the trees and saw some buds too. There was blossom on some of the trees and the crops in the fields are getting higher. I wonder how high they will have grown on our next walk. 

Term 4


This term we have been thinking all about the big question 'Do things stay the same?' We started by reading the story Once There Were Giants and thinking about how we change and grow. Then we looked at Titch and began to plant sunflower seeds. Next up was Jack and the Beanstalk where we planted beans and learnt the story. Then we moved onto Eroll's Garden and went on a walk around the school using a map to find different places. The children then designed their own gardens and we planted some flower seeds. We finished with the Minibeast Bop story and explored different minibeasts. We finished the term with our own minibeast bop and decorated bug biscuits for our party. What a busy term! 

We had some young and older visitors come into school - Archie's new baby sister, Harry's baby sister and Alex's little sister and Mrs Butcher. We asked questions about what the babies could do and what they couldn't do yet. Mrs Butcher told us about what Bapchild & Tonge School was like when she was little (around 60 years ago) and we asked more questions. We thought of questions like: Were there toys? What did the classroom look like? What did you have for lunch? Were there dinosaurs?  The children wrote their questions with their phonic knowledge and included a question mark. 



This term we had Mr Affonso teach us some football skills. We practised dribbling, passing and shooting. 

RE - Why do Christians put crosses in Easter Gardens?


In RE we listened the the Easter story, looking at the symbol of the cross, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Our puppet Tom spoiled Tessa's Easter Garden because he was jealous, but he said sorry and Tessa forgave him. This is a bit like when Jesus died and took away people's sin. We helped Tessa make her Easter Garden again and made some of our own. We tasted some hot cross buns and Rev. Simon came to visit us to talk about how some Christians celebrate Easter Sunday in Church. We finished with our own Easter egg hunt in the classroom. Yum! 

Term 3


This term we have been looking at the big question 'How does it feel?' We talked about our own feelings and read the book 'The Colour Monster'. 

We then read 'Oi! Get off our Train' and learnt about animals in danger and created our own stories. We then read the traditional story of 'The Princess and the Pea' and explored soft and hard materials and made models of a perfect bed for a princess. Next we looked at how Luna New Year is celebrated around the world and focussed on how it is celebrated in China. 

Termly Walk


At the end of term we were learning all about the seasons and how they are changing. We went on our Termly walk in the village to see how the fields and trees have changed. The trees have started growing buds ready for the Spring. We sketched the big tree with no leaves yet. I wonder how it will have changed by next term? 

Term 3


This term in PE the children wanted to learn about riding bikes and scooters. Today we learnt how to move our scooters and bikes and also to stop quickly by using the brakes or putting our foot on the ground. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning to change speed, direction and then navigate a track with obstacles. Watch how we get on...


Term 2


We started this term learning about how Diwali is celebrated. We made rangoli patterns, listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made salt dough to make Diva lamps because Diwali is the festival of light. The children explored artefacts from the Hindu religion and set up a shrine. 



During Art Week we looked at the artist Mary Lee Bendolph who is an American quilt maker. We looked at pictures of her work and all worked together to create our own quilt. Mr Bradley's mum came in to show us some of her quilts too! 


We read two stories by the same author - Jill Murphy. We used boxes to turn into vehicles to go on a journey like Baby Bear did in 'Whatever Next' and also write a list of things we would take on a journey. We then read 'On the Way Home' and made our own story up about how we hurt our knee. 

We read the traditional story, 'Hansel and Gretel' and made a story map to help us retell it. We thought about what was tempting about the Witch's Gingerbread house and even made our own sweetie houses with our grown ups. Yummy! 

This term we had a turn at Forest School with Mrs Knight. We had lots of fun exploring the forest school area, decorating shells and not forgetting drinking hot chocolate and having a biscuit! 

Our Termly walk was a very cold one. We walked our usual route to see what had changed from last time. This time we had to wear our hats, gloves, scarves and coats because it was much colder. The leaves had almost all fallen off the trees and there were no pumpkins growing. We have explored all the ice in the garden and even experimented with how to melt it the quickest. 

Towards the end of the term, we have been very busy preparing for Christmas. We learnt about Jesus' birth in RE and put on our own Nativity play. We made tree decorations, Christingles, went to the Church to speak about angels, made Christmas cards with our Year 6 buddies and had a Christmas party. What a busy term! 

Ramsey's Class Page


Welcome to Ramsey's class page. Here you will find photos and information all about our learning and events. 


Term 1


So far this term we have been getting to know the children and their interests. The children helped decide on our class rules. We have been reading the books Elmer and celebrating how everyone is different. The children have made their owl Elmer pictures including things they like. 

We have also read 'Can I build another me?' and thought about our likes and dislikes, what we can and can't do and how we have changed as we have got older. The children had a go at making another them using different resources. 



We have started phonics using our scheme 'Floppy's Phonics'. 

The children have learnt the sounds 's, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g and o' so far and are beginning to recognise these and blend words using these sounds like 'it, at, sit, sat, pat, tap, pit, pot, dig, dog, and dad'. 




We have begun our maths learning with looking at matching and sorting. 

The children have found matching pairs like animals from the story 'Monkey Puzzle' and finding pairs of matching socks. They sorted themselves into things they like and have been sorting through tidying up the toys and putting them with things that are the same. We read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and sorted items into small, medium and large to give to the correct bears. The children also had a go at sorting buttons in different ways according to their size, shape and colour. 

We then moved onto looking at comparing amounts, length, height and capacity. The children explored the height of towers, the length of ribbons and how much fits inside containers. 

At the end of term, we moved onto repeating patterns. Can you say 'red lorry, yellow lorry' quickly? Or could you make repeating patterns using your body? Tap head, clap hands. The most delicious repeating pattern we found was our fruit kebabs. Yummy! 



We have started our learning in RE and have been introduced to the Children of the World images which will help us in our learning about different people and their beliefs. 

We are starting with learning about Christianity and learnt that God is special to Christians he has many names like 'Father, Almighty, Lord and Creator'. God is special so we decorated his names to show this. We will go on to look at Christian's special book and the creation story. 

Autumn Walk


The last week of term saw us going on our first seasonal walk. We talked about what we might find on our Autumn walk and collected some different coloured leaves along the way. We looked at a big tree and took a photo. I wonder how it will have changed when we come back next term?

As the children were showing an interest in 'shop keeper' jobs and fruit and vegetables, we also visited the local fruit stall. The children were each given 20p and could chose a piece of fruit to take back to school for their snack. We also bought some extra fruit to make some fruit kebabs to finish our maths learning on repeating patterns.