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Year 6 - 2021/22 - Archived

Term 6 

Year 6 Production

Year 6 rehearsals are well under way. We would like to encourage the children to listen to the songs as often as possible at home so that lyrics and melodies become familiar. You can also use these backing tracks  to sing along with . There are vocal tracks as well as instrumental tracks below.


Please note that we are will not be singing 'Mummified,' 'When You're A Viking' and we will only sing Verses 1 and 2 and choruses of 'Me And The Boys.'


We would also like Singing Club and the whole of Year 5 to support with the singing. 

The Song Words start on page 29...

Living our best lives

Fall in Love with History

Alexa's Song

Victorian Kids


When You're A Viking


Me and the Boys

The Ones Who Went Before

Living our Best Lives (no vocals)

Alexa's Song (no vocals)

Victorian Kids (no vocals)

Mummified (no vocals)

When You're A Viking (no vocals)

Gloriana (no vocals)

Me And The Boys (no vocala)

The Ones Who Went Before (no vocals)

Welcome to Year 6 - Class of 22!


Term 5


Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing Easter break.  This term is a busy one for Year 6.  After preparing for the SATs we will be auditioning for our spectacular summer production!

In Topic we will be looking at Bapchild as our local area of interest. If you have any particular knowledge you would like to share, then we would be thrilled to hear from you. 

Term 4

What a great trip to the London Science Museum! The children got a chance to explore the exhibits in the museum and had a brilliant time engaging in all of the hands on experiments in the 'Wonderlab'. 

Term 3 


Our children have been reading Shackleton's Journey. 

We have made some Ice Shard Poems using similes and metaphors: here are a few examples.

Term 2

In one of our PHSE lessons we were discussing how important it is to have a positive view about ourselves and how it important our self-esteem is. We asked pupils go around and write an honest, positive comment about all the children in the class so that we had a good understanding and share how valued we are to each other.

The Year 6 class have been learning about the Greek story The Iliad and have come up with some actions to help them remember. Click the link below to watch the video.

PGL October 2021

Click on the link below to watch a slide show of some of the great moments from the Year 6 residential trip to Windmill Hill.


Welcome To Our New Year 5 Class Page

Term 5 Topics:

Maths: Decimals & percentages and properties of shape.

English: Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson

Topic: Rivers (Including our trip to Horton Kirby!)

Science: Plants

R.E.: Judaism


Term 4 Learning!


3 weeks into term 5 - where does the time go!


So what did we look at in term 4?



After our return to school, we did a big recap on our unit of fractions. We looked at how we can find equivalent fractions and use this knowledge to add and subtract fractions, compare and order and begin to multiply!

To finish off the term, we tried lots of different hot cross buns and we found the fractions of the class who had the same favourite flavour! Who said maths can't be delicious?



During term 4, we looked at Michael Morpurgo's adaptation of Beowulf! The whole class were gripped by this epic tale of monsters and action! We used the spelling, punctuation and grammar skills that we covered over home learning and used these to write newspaper articles sharing the events of the momentous battle between Beowulf and Grendel the monster.



We completed our Anglo-Saxons & Vikings topic after undertaking some research during our home learning. We learnt about Anglo-Saxon warriors and gods. We also designed our own Anglo-Saxon shield and thought about what type of warrior would use them.

What have Year 5 been up to?


So far this term, we have completed so much unbelievable work and I've been very proud of the whole class!


In Maths, we've completed a block on place value and we're about to finish up our topic on addition and subtraction. We've used a range of physical manipulatives to support our understanding and to help us identify numbers and calculations in a range of representations.


In English, we've already completed two pieces of brilliant writing. Firstly, we wrote our own Gothic stories inspired by our class text of Clockwork by Philip Pullman. Most recently, we have written diary entries in role as one of the main characters, Karl. Stay posted and I'll share some of our writing. 

Meet the Teachers Welcome Video


Still image for this video

Science - Separating Mixtures


This summer term we have been learning about mixtures. We have learnt new vocabulary:




We have learnt that a solute dissolves into a solvent and this creates a solution.

Look below at some of the experiments we have done to explore this concept.

Science - Separating Mixtures

World Awareness Week!

We had an amazing end of term 5 with our world awareness week. As a school we looked at a range of religions and cultures. Year 3 looked at Germany and as part of that we also went to Canterbury Cathedral for the day looking at the history of the Cathedral. The main religion in Germany is the Christian faith this allowed us to make comparisons with our own faith. We were able to take part in lots of different workshops throughout the week. Please look at the photos to see some of the activities that we enjoyed!

World Awareness Week

Science Week

Science week was all about dinosaurs! Year 3 had Tyrannosaurus-rex as their dinosaur so we explored the question:


Who was the king of the dinosaurs?


We looked at three Dinosaurs; Tyrannosaurus-rex, Giganotosaurus and a Carcharodontosaurus! We used research skills to gain  knowledge about all three so that we could make an informed decision. Most of us decided that even though the others were larger in different ways that the Tyrannosaurus-rex was still the king in our eyes because of popular culture.


We have been learning about different Stone age structures in particular we have focused of Stonehenge and Skara Brae. We thought about how the stones might have travelled to the site of Stonehenge and we asked questions:


I wonder what this site was build for?

How long did it take them to build?

How has it lasted for so long?


As part of this we reconstructed Stonehenge and we enjoyed making the larger sarsen stones and the smaller 'blue stones'. It was harder to make than we thought!

World Book Day

I would like to thank all the families, parents and carers for helping to create such wonderful costumes for the children. We all enjoyed world book day and the children explored a range of texts across the school.

A big thank you from Mrs Smith

World Book Day


In maths we have been learning about shapes and to help us with our learning we have been constructing 3D solids out of spaghetti and plasticine. This has helped us to identify the properties of 3D solids. We used a range of vocabulary to describe the shape of the faces as well as the number of vertices. See the source image

Constructing 3D solids


In science this term we will be learning about electricity. Here we have been learning about static electricity and we were exploring positive and negative charges and how they behave in relation to each other.

See the source image


See the source image


Here is some of the amazing work that Augustine class did on James and the Giant Peach! They have been story boarding, using immersive role play and shared writing to gather ideas about how James might have felt during his time in the peach. They used this wonderful work to write exciting diary entries.

James and the Giant Peach!


This week (05.11.2018) we have been celebrating art week. We have been looking at different colours across the school. Our colour has been green. We have looked at tone and shades of green. 


Tate Modern


On Tuesday 6th November we took a trip to the Tate modern where we were looking for different colours around the gallery. We were particularly focusing on different shades of green. We had a wonderful view of London and used this as the inspiration for some landscape drawings.


I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and adults who attended the trip it was wonderful to see adults joining in and having fun with the children. The children really enjoyed this opportunity and I look forward to developing ideas in school as the week goes on. 

The Tate Modern

This term our topic is about water. We have been learning about the water cycle and some locations of rivers in the UK. As part of that we went on a trip to Thames barrier to learn about flooding and how this wonderful structure protects London from tidal surges. 

This term we will improving our golfing skills. We have really enjoyed taking part in golf so far this term. 


This week we had sports day and worked well in our teams. Well done to York for winning!


Our class trip to Rochester castle and Rochester cathedral. We really enjoyed going on the train and doing observational drawings of different buildings. We also got shown how a baptism works in the cathedral.

Class Trip to Rochester Cathedral and Castle

What is growing in our garden?

What is growing in your garden?

Our class value is.............
During this term we have been looking at the book "Mr Majeika" in English. Here is some examples of our diary entries and re-enactments of some of the chapters.
We took part in the sports relief step challenge and we helped the school step a massive 40.2 miles!

Day 3

The eggs have started to crack!

We enjoyed sorting, classifying and doing some observation drawings.

Day 2

A man delivered six duck eggs for us to look after.

Science Week

Day 1: Today we met some amazing animals including a snake, a skinny pig, a hedgehog and a tarantula. 


Today we went to the church for Godly play and we learnt about "The Lost Shepherd."

In English we have been learning about Poetry and in particular onomatopoeia. We have read ‘Voices of Water’ by Tony Mitton and 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. During this week we have been on a sound walk and we have looked at how we can use our voices and actions to perform poems.

As part of our Science topic, animals including Humans. We have been looking at different types of animals and their diets. During one of these lessons we investigates different types of faeces and  we found out that you can tell if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.


But don't worry it was specially made Miss Mawston and was completely safe!

During Term 3 we started a programme called TT Rockstars and we are now either Rock legends (All 60 questions correct in <2 mins), Rock stars (All 60 questions correct in 3 mins) or Headliners (45-59 correct answers in 3 mins) in our 10 times tables!! Well done Year 2
During Term 3 we were lucky enough to go Faversham gym for our gymnastic lessons.

As part of the Diocesan Day of Prayer we went to the church and enjoyed some prayer stations.

On Friday 17th November we helped support children in need and made Pudsey head bands.

Art Week

As part of Art week we have been looking at a picture from the National Gallery called "An experiment of a bird in a air pump." First we looked at the picture and Miss Mawston set us the task of rebuilding it as a jigsaw. Then we discussed what we could see and what we wanted to know further.
 We then decided as a class to focus on the full moon. So we linked this to our Science topic and looked at which art material was water resistant to make our moon pictures.
We also tried to recreate the picture by drawing for 3 minutes and then passing it on and drawing for another 3 minutes until we passed it on again. Then we looked at adding light and dark by using charcoal.

Draw and pass

Then finally we created firework art, with different materials and firework line poems to complete our art week.

Firework art with different materials and firework line poems.

In Term 1 we learned about The Great Fire of London in Topic and the great artist Pablo Picasso in Art.

Welcome to our Year 2 Class Page

In Science we planned and carried out an investigation to find out what sort of microhabitat a woodlouse would prefer. We made a choice of four corners in a tray and watched to see where the woodlouse preferred. The corners were light and dry, light and damp, dark and dry and dark and damp. The woodlice all preferred somewhere dark but some liked it damp and some liked it dry. Once we knew the microhabitat the woodlice needed we were able to return them back to a suitable place in the School Garden.
Here are some pictures from our Class Worship about the Owl and the Pussycat. We really enjoyed rehearsing and performing and sharing our learning about the nouns, verbs and adjectives from the poem. Have a look at our illustrations and listen to us singing the poem as a song.
Have a look at some of the fantastic Easter bonnets that Year 1 made!
Thank you to parents who came in yesterday to help with our life cycle work as part of Science Week.
Some more pictures of our hatching chicks.
Our eggs from Living Eggs arrived on Monday and we left a camera filming over night and this is what we found on Tuesday morning! So exciting!

Still image for this video
As part of Science Week we had an Architecture Workshop and learned how to make strong structures using just sticks and elastic bands.
Here are some pictures of us dressed up for World Book day. Can you recognise all our book characters?
Our Class Christian value is Thankfulness. We try to think of something to be thankful for everyday. We have read Bible stories about thankful people such as the paralyzed man who Jesus healed when his friends lowered him through a hole in the roof. We have been writing a Rainbow of Thankfulness prayers for our classroom.
As part of our new Science topic "Our Living Earth", we have been learning about variation in birds. We have made four different types of bird feeder to try and attract lots of different birds to our school. We made fat cakes, pine cone feeders, pastry maggots and recycled plastic bottle feeders. We will be observing to see which are the most popular and how many different birds come and visit.
We have been reading "Where the Wild Things are". Here are our own Wild Things. We have written brilliant descriptions of them using adjectives. Can you spot the one with a fluffy, green beard? Or the one with a curly whirly tail? Or the one with wiggly worm hair? Or what about the one with a wooden monster hat?
Here is a class story that we wrote following the pattern of Where the Wild Things are.
We enjoyed reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you hear?" and made our own class version. Have a look at our super illustrations.