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School Logo

Bapchild and Tonge

CE Primary School and Nursery

Rooted in God as our vine; we bear fruits.

Visions and Christian Values

Our Vision


Our Vision at Bapchild and Tonge CE Primary School and Nursery is rooted in John 15:1-17 Jesus as the Vine.


Within nourishing soil of prayer and worship our school and church together provide space, opportunity and support to root, grow, connect and bear fruit; expanding understanding of the world, fostering good relationships, exploring individual’s gifts, and deepening resilience of character.


We will ensure:

  • A Christian school community, where pupils feel secure, empowered and understand how to keep themselves safe and make the right choices
  • A school where everyone models our Christian values and can reflect on how they live them
  • A school where their learning is unique to them and where they achieve their true potential
  • A rich and relevant curriculum that builds on the strengths of the individuals within the school and offers a wide range of sports, arts and strong links with the community
  • A physical environment which is of the highest possible quality to enable our provision
  • High quality extra-curricular provision which gives new opportunities and fullness of life


So that a pupil that leaves our school will:


  • Be religiously literate and talk about how their spirituality supports their life
  • Have self-belief and personal ambition
  • Demonstrate resilience, self-discipline, honesty and the persistence to overcome challenges
  • Have knowledge of and curiosity about the wider world
  • Be organised, punctual and able to function independently
  • Have the communication, emotional intelligence and social skills to be a productive part of a co-operative group
  • Know how to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • Be academically prepared for their new step in a new school



Bapchild's Christian Values


Our school’s values are inspired by a range of biblical teachings which all children will become familiar with during their life at Bapchild and Tonge. These values are accompanied by virtues and are embedded in our daily school life. Each class is given a value to explore through a class led worship and creating the display in the school's main entrance. These are as follows: 


                                      Compassion, Love and Charity - The Lost Sheep (Year 5)

                                      Friendship, Cooperation and Community - Disciples (Year 2)

                                      Perseverance, Resilience and Hope - Moses (Year 6) 

                                      Forgiveness, Understanding and Humility - Joyful Crucifixion (Year 4)

                                      Trust, Responsibility and Honesty - Daniel in the Lion's Den (Year 3)

                                      Openness, Hospitality and Courage - The Mustard Seed (Year 1)


A canvas showing their class value has been created by the children and are on display outside each classroom.