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Terms 1 and 2

2023 Terms 1 and 2

In between testing and PGL trips, Year 6 have begun a Chairdrumming unit of work and rehearsed Harvest Hymns and songs. We plan to revisit this unit. 


Year 5 has been creating their own body percussion sequences but will interrupt this learning temporarily whilst we make a start on the repertoire we need to learn for the Highsted Christmas Jamboree. We will sing and also have simple instrumental parts to play alongside some Highsted and Borden Grammar Orchestra members. The songs we need to learn will very soon be put onto your class page so keep an eye out.


Year 4 has been learning how to master the C7 and G7 chords alongside the C, Am and F. They use Musicplus Digital as well as a range of other teaching videos to support their learning. Our most current piece to date is Count on Me - Bruno Mars. Very soon, we will start rehearsing some simple Christmas pieces. 


Year 3 have been exploring what skills are needed in order to become good singer/performer with a focus on both singing rounds and musicals.


Year 2 are enjoying finding out about the instruments of the orchestra and to date, they have looked at the string family, the brass family and will very soon, have a visit from our Woodwind teacher who will show the clarinet, flute, piccolo and saxophone to them. Our flute and clarinet pupils might even be persuaded to perform alongside their tutor!


Year 1 have been finding out what makes a sound and have tried making their own body percussion sounds and are now looking at how to use a variety of simple percussion instruments. 


Year R have been learning the words 'start, stop, loud (forte), soft (piano,) fast (presto) and slow (Largo.) They have also worked hard to learn their class Welcome Song and some Harvest songs.