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 Term 1 2021

Topic - Who am I?

Our topic this term is ‘Who am I?’ - It is all about ourselves, our families and all different kinds of people. We will explore differences and similarities in people and think about what makes us unique. We will also be inviting parents in this term to make a family tree with your child for our classroom display. Some of the text we have looked at are 'Super Duper You, Funny Bones, All different kinds of People, Only one you, Who's in my Family? and My Grandpa.' 


We have been making our own super duper mini me's, exploring what make us super! We have printed our hands prints using paint, exploring differences in the size of our hand prints. The children have also enjoyed dancing to the skeleton dance, labelling parts of the body. The children were really confident in explaining what made them unique and different to others.



We have also read the story 'Only One You' the children loved this story and thoroughly enjoyed making their own unique fish collages. The children thought about the messages in the story and started to think of their own motivational messages that would make the world a better place. We have made our motivational fish into fish mobiles we where can see these positive messages everyday!

Learning, exploring and playing is what we love to do, here are some pictures of us throughout our days so far in Term 1! We are always super busy!

Harvest Festival 

This year the Nursery children took part in their first ever Harvest Festival service. Rev. Simon came in to lead the service and the children performed two harvest songs and a harvest prayer. The children also made some fruit and vegetable collages which inspired us to give thanks to God for the foods we have. The children were all absolutely amazing and were so confident in front of parents and governors performing their Harvest songs. We are all super proud of you! Well done Nusery!

Nursery School Trip

Yew Tree Farm School

This week we have been on our school trip to Yew Tree Farm School. We explored the farm and met the different animals they have there. We fed the chickens, ducks and geese...they were very noisy! We made them treat garlands using different fruit and vegetables and we hung them onto low branches so the chickens could reach them! We met Iris the puppy farm dog, she was very cute but kept tormenting Maisie the Shetland pony. We fed Maisie some hay as well as Rose the calf. We held baby chicks and guinea pigs and learned a lot about the different animals. We all had such an amazing time and can not wait to learn more about farm animals in our play and busy time.




Sports Day 2021!!

It was our first ever sports on Monday. The children all participated in an egg and spoon race, a bean bag shuttle race, an obstacle course, a water race and a sprinting race. The children had great fun and showed such enthusiasm and determination. Well done Nursery!


Term 6

Can you tell me a story?

This term we have been reading traditional tales and retelling these stories to our friends and adults. We have been using story language in our play and creating props to make up and retell stories. We have explored growing our own peas and explored lots of natural art. We have particularly enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we made our own beanstalks and mini me Jacks. As part of our busy time we also set up a stage and performed the story to our friends.

Term 5

Is It True?

This term we are thinking about all things mythical such as dragons and mermaids. The children have also shown an interest in dinosaurs and fairies. We are exploring these interests through lots of play and exciting stories. See below for all the term 5 fun! 

Dinosaur Footprints

The children have been using toy dinosaurs and paint to create dinosaur footprints. They used different colours and different footprint shapes to print onto the paper. We then thought about how we could we make dinosaur footprints? We decided to take off our shoes, paint our feet and print our own 'dinosaur stomps' onto paper.

Green Jelly Dinosaur Swamp -

Today the children explored a dinosaur swamp. They enjoyed messy play with the green jelly and playing with the dinosaurs in imaginative role play. We discussed how 'big' or 'small' each dinosaur was. As a group we then ordered the dinosaurs from biggest to smallest.

Dragon Biscuits 

Off they flew, zig zagging through the blue!

The children have been reading Zog this week and learning about the exciting world of dragons! This learning wouldn't be complete without some dragon biscuits. The children enjoyed working together to create their delicious biscuits. 

Dragon Biscuits

Process Art


We have been using our whole bodies to paint across a large area. The children have used a range of painting tools, to create texture and pattern. They have explored the feel and the look of the paint. The children painted on a large clear plastic canvas, they made observations about colour as well as looking through the plastic to paint what they could see. Children used their hands as well as tools to explore the paint. Children commented on colour mixing and how the colours were changing as the built on and painted over their creations.

Above all else we had lots of FUN!  

Making Ice Cream! 

We have been reading the story "There's A Dragon In My Book!" In the story children are encouraged to use their imagination to come up with some food the dragon might like. It turns out the dragon loves ice cream with sprinkles. So we made some ice cream for snack! Children made the mixture and then placed it in a bag inside some ice and began to churn it until it went hard. Children talked about how clod the ice was and used language like; cold, hard, liquid, runny, icy, crunchy. 

Ice Cream

Making Kites 

The weather was windy and the wind blew with all it's might...so at Bapchild & Tonge Nursery we made kites!

The children selected which material they though would be the best, they chose different ways of supporting it and attaching their string. Once they were made we had great fun racing around and watching them fly.  

Making Kites - Which material is best?

Our Classroom


We have worked with Early Excellence to design and provide a really exciting space for all of our children to learn. Here are some pictures of our new equipment.