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Term 5 - Where am I on the map?

We have started our new topic today thinking about our local area, Bapchild. We went on a village walk to see the some significant places in Bapchild. We had some old pictures of Bapchild a very long time ago, we then compared Bapchild from then to now. We saw the village hall, the fruit stall, the pub, the petrol garage and we even got to play in the park.

The four points of a compass

Today we made our own compasses in class. We located the 4 points of a compass, NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST. We used the rhyme Naught Elephants Squirt Water to help us remember. We also located NORTH EAST, NORTH WEST, SOUTH WEST AND SOUTH EAST on the compass. We went outside with our partners and gave them directions using our compass and key vocabulary.

The Great Fire of London 🔥🔥



Year 2 created a controlled fire in the playground. We tried to put the fire out using buckets of water, just like they would have done in 1666. It took us four attempts to put out the fire! 🔥 


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Still image for this video


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We have written diary entries in the style of Samuel Pepys. We wrote about the day the Great Fire started, Sunday 2nd September 1666. Can you remember why Samuel Pepys’ diary entries were so important?

We spent some time using the laptops in class to research some questions we had about the Great Fire. Some questions we asked...

Did anyone phone 999?

When did the fire stop?

How long did the fire last?

Where did the fire start?


We thought about about our key question for the topic...Why do we have fire alarms? We thought about how fire alarms keep us safe and warn us if there is a fire so we can exit safely from a building.