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The school fully reopen from the start of the autumn term and our staff team worked hard to make sure that everything is ready for all year groups returning to school from Wednesday 2nd September.


Please be assured that we are following the DfE guidance and ‘System of Controls’ to make our school is as safe as it can be.  You can help us by reinforcing good hand washing and respiratory hygiene with your child at home.


Attendance will be mandatory in September, as the government expects all pupils to attend school.


We are all trying to get used to working in a very different way and whilst we have done our best to plan for all eventualities, no doubt there will be things that we need to review and change.  However, we are confident that with your support we can all adapt to new systems and have a smooth start to the autumn term and the 2020 – 21 school year.


September 2020

Coronavirus in children

Guidance on suspected and confirmed cases in children



The school has published the risk assessments for different parts of the school and will continue to update these regularly.


Useful information about cold and flu


Useful information about colds and flu: why infection is higher with children and babies, and how flu and the common cold can lead to more serious complications. Understanding the signs and symptoms of cold and flu, the different types of infections, the importance of spotting and treating symptoms early, and when it’s necessary to call the doctor. Useful tips and advice on preventive measures to help keep children from catching colds and flu. Helpful online resources and tools for caregivers and families to help children stay safe and healthy against coughs and colds.