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Our Book Corner

This term our book corner is linked to our topic of materials. We have given our book area in class a little update. We have tried to make this area topic related and a place where children can use the facts books to find out more information about their topic. We have different materials available for the them to experiment with too. We linked the area to the three little pigs, as in science we will be experimenting which material is best to make the pig’s house waterproof. The book area has reading for pleasure books as well as topic related books. We have also started a class library where the children can sign books in and out freely to take home and return. These are separated into fiction and nonfiction books.

The Day The Crayons Quit

Year 2 have enjoyed this story. They have worked hard writing letters to their chosen crayon pretending to be Duncan. 

The day Year 2’s Cheeky Chairs Quit!!!

Last Friday Year 2 came into class and were shocked to find their chairs were gone. They had nowhere to sit to do their work. Year 2 thought about the 5 W’s. Who? What? When? Where? Why? The class thought of reasons why their chairs may have quit, could they be similar to the reasons why Duncan’s Crayons quit? Year 2 are collecting information from Friday morning to write their own newspaper reports.