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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Class Page


Key websites this year:

URBrainy (MTC practise, no login required) - MTC - Multiplication Tables Check -

MyMaths - School login - MyMaths

Timestable Rockstars - Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (


Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone the school office if you need a new copy of any logins throughout the year.



Year 4 - Term 3

RE - This term our unit is all about Gospel. Jesus was referred to as the 'fisher of people' and in groups we drew what we thought this meant and discussed how it related to the bible passage we have been studying.

Year 4 - Term 2

Christingle 2023

PE - This term we have been learning different skills in hockey and football including passing, moving into a space and working as a team. 

Computing - This term we have been learning about HTML and having a go at changing it on websites, so that images and text change. 

Topic - In topic this term we have been learning all about Italy! We designed, made and ate our own pizzas too, which were delicious! We have also been learning about famous Italian landmarks, historical figures and what school is like in Italy, as well as a few Italian phrases! Fantastico!

English - In English this term we have written our own earthquake poetry, which we performed to the class. We have also read 'The Journey to the Centre of the Earth' story by Jules Verne and wrote our own journal entry from Axel's point of view.

Maths - In maths we have been continuing our work on multiplication and division. We have looked at each set of times table questions in detail and have learned how to produce fact families. Here are some images of a times table game we have played, where we needed to fill in the missing answers to move on!

DT Week 2023 - During DT week we used recycled materials, such as cardboard and old fabrics to create our dragons, based on the poem we have been focusing on in English by Moira Andrews. We used a range of attachment techniques, including sewing, to bind the different materials together.

Year 4 - Term 1

DT - This term we have been looking at what fruits and herbs grow in the garden and making tea from those ingredients. The children have researched and tried different fruits and herbs to make delicious combinations of tea! They made the tea from scratch by cutting up their fruits and herbs, placing them in filter paper and securing it together, with a string attached. They also made their own packaging for the tea too!

Topic - This term, Year 4 have been learning all about the Romans! We have created our own shields and made formations, just like the Roman army would have done! We looked at Roman roads, the Roman invasion and Boudicca's resistance!

RE - This term we have been learning about the creation story! Year 4 have been exploring each day of creation and the beautiful world God created. We have completed a nature trail around the school, noting down all the different plants and insects we could find, then had a class discussion about how we could help look after them all. Year 4 have also had a go at 'hot seating' the important figures from the bible story of Adam and Eve, trying to answer some tough questions!

Maths - In maths this term we have been learning about place value and column addition/subtraction. We have used a range of resources to help us understand thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We have also been practising the MTC, which can be found here - MTC - Multiplication Tables Check -

Term 1 has got off to a great start. The children are settling really well and very soon we look forward to our Harvest Church Service which is on Wednesday 11th October. Year 4 will be at the 9.30am Church Service. 

 It would be amazing if the children could start practising some of the songs at home. 

Here is a list of  the songwords and backing tracks...



We will be singing along to the following backing track  Melody for I want to grow beans

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!

History - Term 5 

This term Year 3 have started a new unit called 'The Secrets of St Laurence's Church'. The class have enjoyed visiting the grounds of our local church and investigating the existing church to determine when different parts were built.


Term 5 - PE

Year 3 have been learning to dance this term. This unit has come at a perfect time as we were able to choreograph a routine for our Coronation Celebration. Our theme was 'Dancing through the Decades' as we wanted to showcase the changes in dancing styles across the years in which King Charles III has lived. 

DT - Term 5 

In DT this term, Year 3 have been learning about mechanisms. We have investigated pop-up books and discussed how we think the pictures move. Through careful learning, the children have mastered how to make different moving mechanisms such as a lever and rotating wheel.


English - Term 3 

In English we have been studying the Roald Dahl story James and the Giant Peach. In order for the children to understand just how horrible Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker are, they were tasked with acting out a chapter from the story. This greatly helped with the children's character descriptions. 

English - James and the Giant Peach


Year 3 - Term 3

This term in PE we have been working on our tennis skills. At first we worked on our throwing and catching skills to familiarise ourselves with the tennis ball. Then we introduced rackets to practise hitting the tennis ball and returning it to our partners. 

PE Tennis


Year 3 - Term 2

Art Week

During Art Week we had a visit from local artist Pam Smyth. Her workshop was centred around Remembrance Sunday. First we experimented by sketching poppies on card, then once we had decided on our final shape, we traced our drawing onto fabric. After that, Pam introduced the class to milk painting. The children had to paint milk onto fabric. This wet surface then allowed the colour of the pastel drawing to be very vibrant. The children experimented with different shades and shapes to create their beautiful poppies.


Year 3 also had the brilliant opportunity to visit the Tate Modern. This was a fantastic trip in which the children focused on embroidery, which we then used to inspire our artwork back at school.

Year 3 - Term 1 


This term in topic Year 3 have been studying the subject of Water! The children have found the Water Cycle fascinating and so we decided to create our very own Water Cycle. Each child played a part and had a line to read to explain each stage of the cycle. Geography rocks!


Within our Water unit, the children have been learning about renewable energy sources, particularly hydropower. To illustrate how water can be converted to energy, the children created water wheels. They absolutely loved trying out their creations by pouring jugs of water into their wheels. They experimented with pouring the water fast and slow and seeing the effect it has on the speed of movement.


This term we have been studying the topic of 'Forces'. Through many different experiments the children have furthered their knowledge of friction, air pressure and magnetism. Year 3's favourite experiment has got to be the conical flask and egg! In this amazing practical, the egg is moved into the neck of the conical flask through air pressure. 




Term 5


This term we are reading the book 'The Diary of a Killer Cat!'

We will be practicing reading with expression, exploring the characters and writing our own diary as if we were the cat. 


In maths this term we will be learning to tell the time (o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and in 5 minute intervals), today we played a game with a partner where we had to read the times on the board. 



Where am I on a map?


In our topic lessons this term we will be creating maps of our local area, next week we will be going on a walk in the local area in order to help us achieve this. Look out for the photos and pictures of the maps we create.

Also we will be learning to name and locate the different continents and oceans in the world.

Term 4

Godly Play 


Year 2 had Godly Play over in the Church last week. They heard the story about the Good Shepherd, comparing the good shepherd to an ordinary one. They answered questions about the story and related the story to themselves. The children enjoyed making pompoms for a sheep, painting pictures of the story, creating some of the characters with play dough and they could retell the story using the story sack. 

Year 2 Cranmer 

Term 3


This term in our English lessons we are reading 'The Man on the Moon!' by Simon Bartram.

You can find the story on the link below 

You could share the story together at home. 


In Maths this term we are learning how to multiply and divide by grouping and sharing. The children used different objects to group and share. 

We are also learning the 2, 5 and 10 times table. 


Welcome to Year One Page

After visiting the Crown Jewels we learned more about the crown that was made for Prince Charles in 1969 and the symbols included. We thought about symbols that would represent us and designed our own crowns before making them. 

Some photos from our brilliant trip to the Tower of London today plus some examples of our quick sketches of the landmarks we could see.

After looking at examples of Kente cloth from Ghana we were inspired to make these paper weavings. 

We learned about hot and cold colours and then applied our learning to make these Hot Dogs and Cool Cats. 

Some pictures from our Pentecost party. We celebrated the birthday of the church as well as all the birthdays we had missed in Lockdown. 

We have enjoyed watching our tadpoles change into froglets but today we said goodbye because it was time for them to return to the pond.

In Computing today we used the four way symmetry tool and a tiling tool to make William Morris inspired wallpaper designs. 

So impressed with these William Morris inspired prints. The children followed the instructions really well and did a fantastic job!

We have been learning about The Owl and the Pussycat in our English lessons. We have made illustrations for our own version of the poem. 

The Flower Fairies have been helping us to identify the plants growing in our school garden as part of our Science work. Look at our amazing observational drawings. Can you name the flowers?

We made this display about this term’s value of “Openness”.

Fantastic entrants in our Easter Bonnet and Decorated Egg competition. Congratulations to everyone especially our Year 1 winners Ellen, Edith and Ernest!
What a fabulous collection of wax-resist watercolour handwriting pattern Easter eggs!