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Bapchild and Tonge

CE Primary School and Nursery

Rooted in God as our vine; we bear fruits.


Man on the Moon. 🌑⭐️

We learnt to retell this story using Pie Corbett actions and drawing story maps. This book linked to our topic of Neil Armstrong

Toby and the Great Fire of London.

We have started to plan to write our own diary entries as Toby from the story. We started to sequence the story today using time conjunctions such as ; first, then, next, after, finally. We then thought about how we could use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences; and, so, but, because, if.

The day our chairs quit!!

Today our chairs quit! We came into class and had no where to sit. We thought about the 5w’s when trying to solve the mystery. We asked questions such as,

Who stole the chairs?

When did Mrs Bradley notice?

What time were the chairs taken?

Where did the chairs go?

Why did the chairs quit?

The Day the Crayons Quit!
We have written letters to the Crayons from Duncan persuading them to come home. We are now going to write postcards pretending to be the crayon. In class we have been comparing what is the same and what is different between a postcard and a letter.