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Here is our team of fantastic, committed and dedicated staff!



Leadership Team 

Mr Christian Kelly - Headteacher

Mrs Liz Sawyer - Assistant Headteacher - Personal Development, Behaviour and Well-being

Mr Adam Smiley - Assistant Headteacher - Pedagogy and Learning

Rev Simon Young - Chaplain in Mission


Extended Leadership Team

Mrs Hannah Smith -  English Leader 

Key Stage One Classteachers

Mrs Cathy Coffey - Foundation Stage - Ramsey

Mrs Tory Child - Year 1 - Temple

Mrs Megan Unsworth - Year 2 - Cranmer (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Ruth Clark - Year 2 - Cranmer (Thursday, Friday)
Key Stage Two Classteachers

Mrs Hannah Smith - Year 3 - Augustine (Monday - Thursday)

Mrs Liz Sawyer - Year 3 - Augustine (Friday)

Miss Georgia Hirst - Year 4 - Becket 

Mrs Katie Green -Year 5 - Fisher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mr Adam Smiley - Year 5 - Fisher (Monday, Tuesday)

Mrs Lydia Hoult - Year 6 - Dunstan (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Leyla Gambell - Year 6 - Dunstan (Thursday, Friday)
Learning Support Assistants


Mrs Debby Archbold                    

Mrs Nicole Bradley  

Mrs Sue Staker

Mrs Mel Knight                           

Mrs Debbie Daly

Mrs Maria Clark

Mrs Phoebe Austin

Mrs Helen Wheeler

Mrs Polly Long


Pastoral Support 


Mrs Maureen Caley - Family Liaison Officer

Mr Gregory Affonso - Learning Mentor

Mrs Karen Weller - Learning Mentor

Operational Staff


Mrs Sue Foreman - Office Manager

Mrs Rachel Smedley - Administration Assistant

Mrs Katie Page - Administration Assistant

Mrs Alex Hooker - Administration Assistant                                           

Mr Andy Pearce - Caretaker

Midday Supervisors                                   


Mrs Diane Lingham- Midday Meal Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Mrs Jackie Mitchell - Midday Meal Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Mrs Jane Foster - Midday Meal Supervisor