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Our school is distinctive in character as a Church of England Aided School. Collective Worship emphasises the Christian way of life. A daily act of worship is led by the Headteacher, Assistant Headteachers, teachers, our parish priests and visitors. A daily prayer or reflection and Bible reading is included in this time.

Thankfulness, Hope and Wonder

This term we are focusing on our Christian Value of 'Thankfulness'. We will be linking this to the virtues of hope and wonder. As we move through Autumn into Winter we will be focusing on what we are thankful for, such as plentiful harvests and the natural world. We will have opportunities to wonder and focus on the promise of hope through the birth of Jesus.

This term is filled with wonderful events including the Infant Nativity, Years' 3 and 4 Christingle Service and Christmas Services. In addition, we will be sharing in worship at St Laurence Church, having worship led by Captain Graham, Rev George and The Family Trust.



Good Work Worship

Friday 16th March 2018


We celebrated our 'Good Work' this week, showing how our knowledge and experience is developing into wisdom.

Congratulations to everyone who got a Headteacher's Award. Keep up the good work!

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Lent at Bapchild and Tonge CE Primary


During the liturgical season of Lent we are thinking about how we can show gratitude for all that we have.

As we move towards the most important time of the Christian year we are preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through our Easter Services on Tuesday 27th March.

Please do join us in worship at 9:30am for Infants and 11am for Juniors. Services will take place in St Laurence's Church, all welcome!

Remembrance Sunday 12th November 2017

We joined the congregation of St Laurence Church for 10:30am worship. Pupils from Bapchild and Tonge CEP School read the names of the community's fallen as part of our worship. The service was very moving and our pupils represented our school community beautifully. 


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The Family Trust

Friday 12th May 2017

Today, The Family Trust led our Worship. They reminded us how God provides us with more than we need. We love having them join us and learn lots!

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Candlemas Worship in St Laurence Church, Bapchild

Thursday 2nd February 2017


We celebrated Jesus as rescuer through Whole School Worship in St Laurence Church. We began our worship by lighting candles to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. Year 6 led the Bible Readings, Grace and prayers.

We are thankful that we can easily access this beautiful place of worship, in order to share in fellowship for so many special events through the year.

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Rev Lesley leads us in Worship

Friday 28th January 2017


Rev Lesley joined us to share in worship, focusing on this term's Christian value of forgiveness. She showed us the forgiveness bear she was given as a gift and asked us to think about why he might be wearing a badge that said '70x7'. She explained that Jesus was asked by Peter how many times he should forgive others. Should he forgive a person 7 times? Jesus responded by saying 70x7 times, showing Peter and us that our forgiveness should reflect God's unlimited forgiveness. 

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Augustine Class Lead Forgiveness Values Worship

Monday 23rd January 2017


Year 4 planned and led worship focusing on our Christian Value of Forgiveness. They shared their experiences of forgiving others and of being forgiven. They also awarded our Values' Awards to pupils from all classes.

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Family Trust Worship

Friday 20th January 2017

The Family Trust asked us to reflect on Jesus' miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. The worship linked with our School Christian Value of Thankfulness. We were able to reflect on what we are thankful for.

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Captain Graham and Nancy Worship

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Captain Graham and Nancy shared their New Year's Resolutions with us. We thought about new starts and what we were going to change and improve on this year. We thought about how we can change through God's forgiveness, just like St Paul.

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Rev George leads Worship Monday 16th January 2017

The Prodigal Son

Rev George reminded us of the story of the Prodigal Son. Through this we learnt about forgiveness and love. We thought about how we can forgive others and how we can always be forgiven.

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Christingle Service and Prayer Spaces

Monday 19th December and Friday 16th December 2016


We were led in our Christingle Worship by Years 3 and 4 today. They reminded us of the meaning of the Christingle and talked to us about the Children's Society. We have been raising money to support their good work.

On Friday 16th December we joined together as a community to make our Christingles and take time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas through our Prayer Stations. These represented the different aspects of the Christingle: the orange represents our world; the four seasons and the fruits of creation are represented by the fruit, sweets and cocktail sticks; the red ribbon represents Jesus' blood and the candle represents Jesus as the light of the world.

We hope you enjoy seeing our pictures showing how we worked together and shared in worship.

Save the Children

Christmas Jumper Day Friday 16th December 2016


We shared in worship with Revd Lesley today as we enjoyed wearing our Christmas Jumpers to raise funds and awareness of Save the Children.

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'Lest We Forget'


Pupils, staff, parents and governors from Bapchild and Tonge CEP School attended the Remembrance Service at St Laurence Church. Pupils read the names of those who made the greatest sacrifice during World Wars I and II.

Each class made poppy wreaths to show our respect.

We remember these brave individuals with thanks and think about all of those who serve in the forces, risking their lives for our freedoms.

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The Family Trust Worship

Friday 23rd September 2016


'Wow!' is the theme that The Family Trust are sharing with us this year, and we started with the first miracle of Jesus: turning water into wine at a wedding.

We were wowed by the retelling of this nature miracle and learnt how special Jesus was. We reflected on what is 'wow' in our lives. We are looking forward to The Family Trust's next visit, later in the year!

Captain Graham Leads Worship

Tuesday 13th September


Captain Graham taught us an important lesson, when he tried to feed us dog food!!! (It wasn't really dog food in the tin).

Don't judge others on outward appearance, but look closer and deeper into who they are. Valuing everyone as individuals based on who they are and not what they look like is important. Jesus taught us to love our neighbour, and this means seeing beyond appearances.


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The Creation


Today we learnt about the Creation Story that is found at the start of the Bible. We remembered to thank God for the world we live in and appreciate all that we have and experience in the world.

Revd Lesley Leads us in Worship

Friday 8th July 2016

The Trinity

Revd Lesley has been teaching us about the Trinity. On her last visit she showed us one way that the trinity can be represented; through the use of water. ice and steam as symbols of three in one.

Today she taught us that throughout history Christians have used many symbols to represent the Trinity and introduced us to an icon painted circa 1410, by Saint Andrei Rublev, a Medieval Russian Orthodox monk. The icon, called The Trinity, shows the three persons of the Trinity and uses symbolism to depict each person. The icon also welcomes us to share in the Trinity through mass (drinking of wine, representing Jesus' blood). Icons have long been used within the Christian tradition to connect believers with God and to focus prayer.

This painting reminded us that as Christians individuals may relate to God in many ways and show this connection through a range of symbols.


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The Family Trust

Friday 17th June 2016


Today, The Family Trust led worship and reminded us to think about the qualities that make us a family community: love, caring, listening, talking and trust.  When we work together we can enjoy being part of one family and achieve lots as a community.

We have loved having Dean and Bex come and worship with us, and look forward to seeing them again next year!

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Year 2 Child Led Worship

On Friday 10th June we were treated to an uplifting Child Led Worship from Year 2.

They reminded us of what we should be thankful for, and led the whole of Worship; including House-points, Star Awards and Walk on Wednesday Award. You can see pictures of our worship below:

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Tuesday 7th June 2016

Captain Graham Leads Worship


We enjoy Captain Graham's visits, and especially enjoyed the selection of chocolate he provided this week!

Captain Graham talked to us about Jesus' choice of disciples and how it is important for us to look deeper to ensure we choose the right people to support us, as Jesus did when he chose his disciples.

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Resolve to Change Your Ways!


We were visited by The Family Trust on Friday 15th January. We had great fun joining in activities and a very active song reminding us how Jesus loves us.

We thought about things we have done that we should say sorry for. We learnt that if we are truly sorry for the wrong things we have done, and say sorry, Jesus forgives us and gives us a fresh start.

At the start of a new year we have the opportunity to 'start over'. Jesus gives us that opportunity all year round.

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Epiphany Traditions

Friday 8th January 2016


Revd. Lesley led us in worship and shared her experience of Epiphany in Spain. We learnt about how children put out their shoes in the hope that the Magi will visit and fill them with gifts. It was really interesting to learn about how people worship God in different ways, and celebrate Jesus' birth.

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Christingle Service Monday 14th December


Christingle means 'Christ Light'. The Christingle represents God's world, Jesus as the Light of the World, the blood Christ shed for us, our seasons and the nourishment God gives us through food and love.

We have been preparing for our Christingle Service by learning about the symbolism of the Christingle and creating our own. Many thanks to Bysing Wood Sainsbury's for the donation of over 200 oranges. 


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Revd. George Leads us in Worship

Friday 11th December 2015


Revd George spoke to us about how Jesus is the real star, whom we should all worship and follow. Pupils and teachers were able to share the talents they have, whilst thinking about how all of us can share the talents God gave us to do good works.

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The Family Trust Lead us in Worship

Friday 20th November


We were really excited to see The Family Trust again this week. They shared the story of Angel Gabriel's visit to Mary and reminded us of how we should be patient, just as she was waiting for the birth of her son Jesus Christ.

We shall be thinking about Jesus' birth and return over the next few weeks as we move into Advent.

Thank you to The Family Trust for celebrating God's message with us!

Captain Graham Leads Worship

Tuesday 10th November 2015


We had very lively worship this Tuesday, led by Captain Graham. We thought about the value of a person, and how we are all priceless. The people in our lives are more important than any objects we can buy. We reflected on how we should always treasure each other and our own value as people.


We were treated to a special song led by our very own 'boy-band' reminding us of God's love, peace and joy!


Thank you Captain Graham and Hannah - we look forward to seeing you soon at @B&T and in worship!

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Captain Graham Joins us in Worship

Tuesday 8th September 2015


Captain Graham talked to us about the choices we make in life and how our choices lead to consequences. He shared another amazing magic trick with us!


We would like to wish him a safe journey and positive experiences in China, where he is currently spreading The Word.

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Captain Graham Leads Worship

Tuesday 30th June 2015


Captain Graham visited us today and shared the story of Jonah and the Whale, using balloon sculptures! We also took part in a 'Pac Man Challenge', getting to the second level - a feat not achieved by any other school!

Captain Graham reminded us that we have many twists and turns in life and may not always know why we are heading in a particular direction. We must trust in God to guide us as he loves us and will help us to make the right decisions.


Thank you Captain Graham and Hannah for visiting us and leading @B&T every month!

Rev. Lesley Leads us in Worship

Friday 12th June 2015


Today, Rev. Lesley talked to us about responsibilities to ourselves and others. She reminded us that we have a responsibility to be kind to one another an say kind things. She has given us her wonderful hat to remind us to complement each other and value each others' choices.

You might  like to tell us how much you like our hat when you see us wearing it!

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Confirmation Classes

Letters have been sent out to parents of Year 5 offering Confirmation Classes to all pupils who feel ready to take this next step in their faith. These classes will be led by Rev. George and Rev. Lesley on Mondays from 3.15pm - 4pm. For further information, or if you have any questions, please speak to either of our Priests or Mrs Sawyer.

The Family Trust

We have been very lucky this year to have had The Family Trust regularly lead Collective Worship. We had our last visit of the year from Dean and Bex on Friday 5th June when we learnt all about God's promises to us.

Throughout the year they have shared stories of God's promises to Noah (the rainbow showing He would never flood the world again), Abraham (as many descendants as stars in the sky), Joseph (a great nation), Moses (freedom for God's people) and God's promise to us through sacrificing His son Jesus.

We have enjoyed learning about the Bible and our relationship with God. We have especially enjoyed learning actions to new worship songs.


We would like to say a big, "THANK YOU!" to everyone at The Family Trust and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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'Knowing You, Knowing Me'

Religious Education Conference


On Wednesday 20th May a group of Year 5 pupils attended an RE conference at Canterbury Christchurch University. They shared their experiences during Collective Worship.

To see more details about the conference, head to the Year 5 class page...

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Rev. George's Assembly Friday 15th May 2015


Rev. George talked to us about change in our lives. He used the example of a comfy pair of old shoes and a shiny pair of new shoes. Although we might prefer the feel of the old shoes, sometimes we have to deal with the discomfort of the new shoes. But, he reminded us, the new shoes will not always be new, we will find comfort in them too.

Rev. George explained that friends are like this. That we have our old friends, who we may be most comfortable with, but this shouldn't stop us from making new friends - as one day they will become old trusted friends too.

Child Led Worship

The Choir

Thursday 7th May 2015


The school choir led today's worship. The theme was making a change, one step at a time. The choir are very environmentally and health conscious. They created a song to the tune of 'Walking on Sunshine' called 'Walking on Wednesday'. This encourages our children to walk to school.

The choir led our worship, showing the song and its actions. They talked about how we have a responsibility towards the world God has given us and a responsibility to keep ourselves healthy.

Choir Child Led Worship

Rev George Joins Us On Red Nose Day

13th March 2015


Rev. George shared the story of the Unforgiving Servant with us in Collective Worship this morning. We learnt that it is important to forgive others as we are forgiven.

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Child Led Worship Monday 9th March 2015

Fisher Class


Year 5 led their own Collective Worship. The theme was 'Friends and Forgiveness'. The children worked together to develop and lead our whole school worship.


We all shared in the start of Lent by being 'Ashed' at Messy Church.

Messy Church 26th February 2015

Messy Church 26th February 2015 1

Reverend Lesley joins us for National Storytelling Week

(Wednesday 4th February 2015)


Reverend Lesley recounted the story of Creation from Genesis. We all participated in the story by acting out 'growing plants', 'flying creatures', 'splashing creatures', and 'creepy crawlies'. We really enjoyed learning about the creation story in such an interactive way!

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Good Work Assembly

We have been celebrating the good work produced by Bapchild and Tonge pupils this term.

Good Work Assembly

The Structure of Our Worship

Collective worship generally follows the structure and order below:

We GATHER to worship by coming in to music linked to our theme, lighting of a candle, and taking part in call and response.

We are ENGAGED in our worship through a Bible reading, story, music, visual aids, drama, puppets, quizzes and or activities.

We RESPOND to God through reflection, prayer, discussion, questioning, and /or singing.

We are SENT to do God's work with our final thoughts, a dismissal and blowing out of the candle.