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Visions and Christian Values

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Our Vision


Our vision is achieved through creating a learning environment and classroom values which embrace and challenge independent learning. We will create inspirational learning opportunities in order that our children flourish with a desire to achieve their very best.

All teaching will develop to become outstanding through; rigorous monitoring and assessment, sharing and building upon good practice, relevant on-going professional development and robust leadership which inspires trust and creates a supportive environment.

Our Bapchild and Tonge curriculum will be unique to our children and will ensure that all learners achieve their true potential because they are individual and unique. They will be supported to have a good understanding of basic English and Maths skills from which they will develop, working towards achieving their full potential.

Through our shared values we will promote a Christian ethos giving our children the environment and opportunities through which they will grow spiritually. Through an understanding of the impact of inspirational role models children will develop an awareness of the needs of our world ensuring they are ready to embrace the future.



Our Christian Values


Our school’s values are inspired by a range of biblical teachings which all children will become familiar with during their life at Bapchild and Tonge such as:

                                       Compassion – The Lost Sheep

                                     Thankfulness – Jesus heals the Paralysed man                                                                        Forgiveness – The Prodigal Son

                                    Wisdom – King Solomon

                             Friendship – Twelve Special Friends

                                Trust – The Story of Job