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Year 1

Welcome to our Year One class page!

Some photos from Harvest Festival. Well done everyone for your beautiful singing in Church.

In Science, we have been learning to identify some common British birds. Have a look at our lovely paintings of them. How many can you recognise?

We looked closely at the features of our faces and tried to include as much detail as we could in these self-portraits. The beautiful backgrounds were made by laying tissue paper squares onto a wet background and then peeling them off when it was dry.

Our class value is “Openness”. We made these birds on our Transition Day to illustrate the story of The Mustard Seed which teaches us how great things grow from tiny seeds and that we should be open to all the new learning and experiences that will help us grow into the best people we can be. 

In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans. We drew round the tallest and shortest children in our class to make this display and identified and labelled different parts of the body. 

We also talked about the different bones inside our bodies and made these skeleton pictures inspired by the book “Funnybones”.

After reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” in our English lessons, we drew our own animals to illustrate a new version of the book. 

In Maths we have been exploring number formation and different ways of representing numbers. We have made posters and number lines using found natural objects. 

Term 5 - How does your Garden Grow? 


This term in Ramsey Class we looked at gardens and what can be found in them. We started by looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and planted beans and learnt the story. Then we looked at the story of Titch and planted sunflowers for the children to look after at home. They also thought about how they have changed as they have grown from babies. We read the Extraordinary Gardener story and planted lots of flowers and seeds in our outside area to watch them grow. 

We then moved on to looking at Oliver’s Fruit Salad and did lots of fruit tasting followed by making our own fruit salads to take home. Then we read The Runaway Pea and made our own stories up of runaway vegetables and sorted them into which part of the plant they were. 

Finally we looked at the book Yucky Worms and did lots of digging in the garden. Then we read Twist and Hop, Minibeast Bop and ended the term with a Minibeast Bop of our own where we learnt minibeast names in French, decorated bug biscuits, went on a tricky word bug hunt and played minibeast games. 

Throughout the term we had some very tiny but hungry visitors arrive that transformed into another creature by the end of the term. Can you see what they were from the pictures below? 

Term 4 - Who can save the World? 


This term the children have been thinking about who can save the world. We looked at the children’s favourite Superheroes and read ‘Ten Little Superheroes’. The children labelled superhero parts using their phonics. Some made their own superhero capes and  created an obstacle course to train and keep fit. 

We then read ‘Supertato’ and even made our own Super Veggies and printed pictures using vegetables. We sorted food into healthy and unhealthy thinking about which foods we need to eat a lot of and which should only be for a treat. 

Next, we thought about real life heroes in our lives and made thank you cards for different key workers including: doctors, nurses and people who work in hospitals; postal workers; rubbish collectors; fire fighters and police officers. We sent out the cards to the key workers in our community, including cheering for the rubbish collectors when they came to school. 

Finally we read ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ and tried to help save the world ourselves. We did a litter pick and sorted the rubbish into their materials so we could recycle them and also held a bike and scooter day in school to remind people to reduce the use of cars where possible. 

How can you help to save the world? 

This term we also learnt all about the Easter story. We made palm leaves and re-enacted the part in the story where Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and people waved palm leaves, we looked for new life outside and we made shoe box Easter Gardens. Ask us, why are there 3 crosses on a hill? Why is there a cave and a rock by the front? Why are there flowers? 

We looked at hot cross buns and the parts that make us think about Easter. We tasted some hot cross buns and even had a go at reading and following a recipe to make our own. They were delicious. This helped us with our own Easter recipe for the Easter Service. 

We ended the term with a lovely Easter Trail where we reflected about parts of the story on the school field, we decorated stones and placed them in the Easter Garden on the field. 

Happy Easter everyone! 

Term 3 Who had the loudest roar? 


This term we have been thinking about which enormous creatures might have had the loudest roar. The children asked questions that they would like to find out about dinosaurs. 

Which were the biggest and smallest dinosaurs?

What did they eat? 

How big were the dinosaurs? 

How long ago did dinosaurs live? 


We read lots of stories about dinosaurs including  Tyrannosaurus Drip, Say Hello to the Dinosaurs and Dear Dinosaur. 


The children worked really hard in school and at home to complete lots of different activities all about answering our questions about dinosaurs. The children sent in footprints so we could see how many of our footprints would fit into one dinosaur footprint (see this on the picture of the display in the classroom), they wrote captions and labels for the noises dinosaurs made and their body parts, they made dinosaur paintings and models, they made dinosaur skeletons and they ended the topic by making their own dinosaur museum in their living room with lots of facts and art work all about their dinosaur learning.

In Maths the children e pored with length, mass and capacity and found things heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, wider and narrower than other objects. 

The children completed some ‘Funky Finger’ activities using spaghetti and hooped cereal, dinosaurs and crayons and pegs and numbers. 



Well done Ramsey class - you are roarsome learners! 

Term 2


During this term we have been learning all about ‘Magical Journeys’. We went with Baby Bear to visit the moon, followed the journey of the Naughty Bus (and made a bit of a mess), went sailing to the Isle of Blow Your Nose’ with Jack in the story ‘Jack and the Flum Flum Tree’ and helped Stickman find his way home. We finished with the special journey that Mary and Joseph took many years ago. 


We have spent lots of time outside making in all weather making our own journeys. The children enjoyed making their their own vehicles using the construction toys inside and out and they also make pictures and junk models of different vehicles. They drew maps and wrote  words with the all the sounds we have learnt in Phonics and explored the numbers 1-5 along with exploring the shapes circles and triangles. 


What a busy term we had in Ramsey Class. I wonder where our learning will take us next term!

Term 1 ‘This is Us!’


Well, what a busy first term we have had settling into our first year at ‘big school’. The children have worked on the topic all about ‘Us’. We had a family apple tree display with photos of the children and their families, measured how tall the children were with string and blocks, drew members of our families in height order, made pictures of ourselves using nuts and bolts, made junk model robots to go with our book ‘Can I build another me?’ by Shinsuke Yoshitake and thought about where in the world we live with our book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. Along with this we successfully celebrated ‘Us’ in our welcome service and told the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in our Harvest Festival. We took a trip to meet Rev. Simon at St. Laurence Church to start our RE topic in Christianity of the Creation for story. On top of all of this we have had lots of fun during Child Initiated inside the classroom and getting rather wet and muddy in our outside area PLUS we have also got fully changed into our PE kits and enjoyed some games and gymnastics in the hall. Phew! We were all ready for a half term break and we hope you have had a good rest. 

Next term our topic is ‘Magical Journeys’ and we have planned activities based on the children’s interests. 

Cued Articulation


The children have been brilliant learning their sounds this term and they have learnt actions to support them with remembering these. These actions help them show what their mouth and tongue are doing when they are saying the sound. 

Here is a video to show you the actions so you can support your child with these. 

There is another video of the jolly Phonics songs that the children have enjoyed singing. 


Cued Articulation, Jane Passy - summary of all sounds and handsigns

This is just a brief summary of almost all Cued Articulation hand signs (excluding the triphthongs) as written and designed by Jane Passy. I own none of the ...


JOLLY Phonics Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of ...



We have been doing lots of listening in our Phonics sessions over the last 4 weeks including hearing and making loud, quiet, quick and slow sounds. We began blending sounds together to make whole words (pushing the sounds c - a - t together to hear the word cat. Blending helps with reading) and segmenting whole words into their sounds (breaking dog into the 3 sounds d - o - g. Segmenting helps with spelling words).


Here is a video to watch that shows you how to say the sound (phoneme) that each letter represents (grapheme). 



Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).



Welcome to all of our new Reception children. They have done brilliantly settling in over the last 4 weeks and have had fun inside the classroom and outside in our Early Years garden. 


Meet the Teachers Welcome Video


Still image for this video

Transition Powerpoint