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Rooted in God as our vine; we bear fruits.

Reception Class 2021/22

Term 2


During Term 2, we have been looking at journeys. We began by looking at the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated. We made Diva lamps and retold the story using puppets. The moon was our next destination in 'Whatever Next' with baby bear in his rocket. There was lots of imagination being used with cardboard boxes and tubes to make rockets. We then took a stroll with Hansel and Gretel and make sweetie houses with our parents. We were very excited to read 'Who's Coming to Our House' and began getting ready for a very special arrival. After this we rode along with The Jolly Christmas Postman and went on our termly walk around the village to look for evidence of winter. We even delivered our own Christmas Cards at the post box and bumped into the real Jolly Postman! The end of the term found us following 'Stickman' on his journey to get back to the family tree just in time for Christmas.

What a lot of journeys we had! 

In our maths we looked at numbers 4 and 5. We found different ways to make them on a part, part whole model and on a 5 frame. The children found representations of 4 and 5 around the classroom including using coins and playdough. Then we moved on to 1 more and 1 less or fewer using the numicon to help us. Squares and rectangles were next on our maths journey and we found lots when we went on our Winter Walk. 

In DT week our focus was Cereal Bars. We tasted cereal bars to see which were our favourites, we tasted different dried fruits, planned and designed our own cereal bars before making and evaluating them. It was great fun! 


Welcome Ramsey Class


What a busy first term at Bapchild & Tonge Primary School we’ve had. 

We have spent the first term getting to know the children and their families.

We were lucky enough to have our Welcome Service in Church this year where the children were fantastic at singing their Welcome Song and told their families about their favourite things about school so far. 


During this term the children have been making some great friendships and becoming familiar with the new routines. Some of the interests the children have shown us are camp fires, pet shops, pirates, home corner role play, animals, digging and fairy tales. 


In our maths learning, we have been focusing on matching, sorting, comparing, patterns and numbers 1, 2 and 3. The children have learnt where things go in the classroom and are very good at putting things away in the right places. They found things that match and compared different amounts of items using the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We looked at circles and triangles and found some in the environment. 


We began our phonics learning with lots of careful listening to noises we hear around us and in books like ‘beep beep’, ‘whoosh’ and ‘clang’. 

We have learnt our first sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d and have thought about words with these sounds in. We can identify where these sounds are within words - beginning, middle or end. 

The children have worked hard on learning and writing their sounds and have drawn pictures and written the sounds they know in words. They also wrote an invitation for our Cinderella Ball at the end of term. 


 We have had a wonderful first term at school and ended on an Autumn Walk to see how the world is changing around us. Different coloured leaves were collected and we even sung a little song about God who made the sun, wind and rain. 

On the last day of term, we planted pumpkin seeds (because we had been learning about Cinderella) and had a Fairy Tale Ball with decorated biscuits, games and dancing. 

Now time for a rest before we start our next term. I wonder where that will take us!