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Year 6 Art Project

Year 6 learned about the growing global problem of plastic pollution in the sea. They learned that there are more plastic particles in the water than plankton and that you are never more than five metres away from discarded plastic anywhere in the world’s oceans. Plankton are microscopic plants and animals that are a major part of the food chain. Year 6 made observational drawings of plankton and then explored the sculptural possibilities of plastic milk bottles. They were challenged to make a plankton sculpture using just the plastic of the bottles, with no additional fixings or materials, so that the entire project could be recycled at the end and not add any further to the plastic pollution crisis.

Ssssssshhhhhhhhh - Don't forget the Sponsored Silence at school on Wednesday 21st May.  This is to make us all aware of noise pollution.  The money that we raise will be used in the school to improve the school grounds.

Tuesday 29th April  

The Eco Warriors tidy up the Secret Garden

Walk on Wednesday

This is Hollie's walk to school

Walk on Wednesday

Litter pick in the school grounds Wednesday 21st May

The Eco Warriors and some very enthusiastic helpers carried out a litter pick all round the school grounds.  We were all amazed at the amount of litter we picked up.  Thank you to everyone who helped.