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Ssssssshhhhhhhhh - Don't forget the Sponsored Silence at school on Wednesday 21st May.  This is to make us all aware of noise pollution.  The money that we raise will be used in the school to improve the school grounds.

Tuesday 29th April  

The Eco Warriors tidy up the Secret Garden

Picture 1 We have to have a spot of lunch before we work!
Picture 2 Jack and Aiceni get busy weeding
Picture 3 William and Archie attacking the weeds
Picture 4 Harrison and Poppy clearing up twigs
Picture 5 Libby, Lucie and Hollie find treasure!

Walk on Wednesday

This is Hollie's walk to school

Walk on Wednesday

Walk on Wednesday 1
Walk on Wednesday 2
Walk on Wednesday 3
Walk on Wednesday 4
Walk on Wednesday 5

Litter pick in the school grounds Wednesday 21st May

The Eco Warriors and some very enthusiastic helpers carried out a litter pick all round the school grounds.  We were all amazed at the amount of litter we picked up.  Thank you to everyone who helped.