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(Updated 22/03/2020)

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Welcome to Ramsey Class
We have had some super award winners this week too including star card winners, a sporting winner and a Jackson award winner (for being kind and helpful).
This week we have been looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have written our own instruction to trap the gingerbread man as well as decorating our own gingerbread man. In Maths we have been practising our number bonds to 10 with songs as well as representing them in a ten frame. We have also been busy planting carrots seeds to and broad beans to watch how they grow.
This week we have continued with our theme of food and cooking with the story, ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’. We have written about our favourite sandwiches and then made our own. Today we made our own bread rolls to see the effects of the yeast on the dough and then enjoyed eating them once cooked. We have also practised retelling the story with actions and sound effects. In Maths we have been combining two groups of numbers and working out number sentences. We have also celebrated our first World Book at school and had our first gymnastics session at Faversham Gym. We have had a very busy week.
We had so much fun and learnt so many new skills at our gymnastics lesson in Faversham this week.
Today we have enjoyed our dress up day as book characters for World Book Day. Everybody’s costumes were amazing but see photo below for our class winners.
This week we have started our new theme of food and cooking. We have enjoyed sharing the stories, ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and ‘The Runaway Pancake’. We have written ingredient lists for making pancakes as well as identifying action words for our pancake instructions. We have also made our own pancakes. In Maths we have been comparing numbers, exploring  words such as bigger and smaller as well as how numbers to 10 have things that are the same and different. We have also been looking at healthy and unhealthy choices for our pancakes and lunchboxes.
We enjoyed making houses like in the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ out of coins for the school’s coin challenge.
This week we have been looking at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have thought about what silly materials we could you to make houses in our writing. We have also made our own houses using a variety of unusual materials and tested whether they would withstand being ‘huffed and puffed down. In Maths this week we have been looking at counting forwards and backwards to 10 as well as the different ways we can make 10 using a ten-frame.
This week we have started our learning on traditional tales and the homes within them. The story we are exploring is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We had great fun building bridges for the troll as well as thinking and writing about possible new homes for him. In Maths we are learning about the numbers six, seven and eight and the different ways we can represent and make them.
Our Good Work stars this term
Our sporting achievements 
We have continued with our theme of dragons this week and looked at the role of the dragon in Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year, trying traditional Chinese food and creating our own dragon dance. In Maths we have been identifying the names of 3D names as well as using mathematical language to describe them, talking about the shapes we’ve used in our building and going on a treasure hunt.
This week we have started our new theme of dragons. We have drawn and described our own dragons as well as painted and used clay to make our own models. In Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes and have been working on using mathematical language to describe them. In Phonics we have been learning new sounds ‘j, v, w and x’.
This week we have been looking at how animals in this country cope in winter and the special features of animals that live in cold places. We have enjoyed making snow and sharing our knowledge of snow and the animals that live in it. We have also explored the dark through the story, ‘The Owl that was Afraid of the Dark.’ In Maths we have been working on our number bonds to five.

Our Jackson Award Winner this term

For being a kind, polite and helpful member of the class. Always doing her best.

It has been a busy start back to school. We have been exploring the theme of winter and what we might expect to see. We enjoyed a walk around our school grounds looking for signs of winter. In Maths we have been exploring time and what times we do certain things as well as what we can do in a minute. In Science we explored ice and how it forms.
This week we have enjoyed decorating Christmas biscuits, stockings and tree outlines as well as watching a pantomime.
We enjoyed taking part in our first Christmas service today and making our own Christingles.
This week we performed our nativity to our parents. We sang beautifully and danced amazingly. We also read ‘Dear Santa’ then discussed our own present wishes, which we drew and wrote labels for.
In Maths this week we have been finding 1 less in a group of objects. In Literacy we have started our theme of Christmas and winter traditions. We have been enjoying the story of ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and been busy making our own letters and cards to send. We have also enjoyed decorating the school Christmas tree with our handmade decorations and watching the Family Trust’s Nativity Show.
This week we have been busy writing labels for the aliens from the story ‘Here Comes the Aliens’. In Maths we have been finding 1 more in a set of objects. In Phonics we have been consolidating our new sounds, working had to remember them. In technology we enjoyed making faces and taking photos of ourselves to scare the aliens off. We have also enjoyed decorating our home corner in preparation for Christmas and sharing our own family traditions from home.
We have continued our learning on our theme of space by sharing non-fiction books together. We have also identified common features of information books such as contents pages, labels and glossaries. We then labelled our own astronaut. In Maths we have been working on the vocabulary of more or less by comparing non identical objects. We have also enjoyed learning about the Christmas story and making space pictures in different ways.
This week we started our new theme of space and have enjoyed the story ‘Whatever Next’. We wrote lists of what we would take on our own picnic and enjoyed retelling the story with props. In Maths we have been comparing identical objects by size as well as by how many there are. In Phonics we have learnt the new sounds, ‘g, o, c and k’ and have been practising forming them. We have enjoyed sharing our own bears with each other as part of our learning on sharing and special things to us. We then decorated our own biscuits in the colours and design of a very special bear ‘Pudsey’.
This week has been a Design and Technology week. We have based our designs around the book ‘Rabbit Foo Foo’. We have enjoyed making our own characters which move up and down using air being pushed back and forth from two syringes connected by tubing. We have also explored vehicles and how they move and had a go at making our own. In R.E we looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali and made divas. We enjoyed making firework pictures and learnt about why we have ‘Firework Night’.
We have been exploring the text ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We identified the sounds the characters made as they moved through the different locations. Some of us made our own animal truck while some made our own animal to search for in child initiated. We then went on our own hunt for a parrot! In Phonics we have been learning the new tricky words ‘a, I, the, to’ and practised recognising them in tricky word bingo. In Maths we have been learning to sort objects by different criteria.

This week we have been looking at the book ‘Leaf Man’. We have printed leaves and created rubbings with crayons to create our own animals, describing the leaves we used. In Phonics we have learnt the new sounds ‘i, n, m and d’ writing them and reading them in words. During Maths this week we have consolidated our learning on the number five by create different arrangements with mult-link.

This week we have been looking at the text ‘The Enormous Turnip’.  We have drawn pictures of our favourite part and explained what we like about the story. In Maths we have been learning about the number 5 and verbally rehearsing number sentences as well as trying to write one. In Phonics we have introduced the sounds ‘s,a, t and p’. We have also been on an walk around the school grounds to look for signs of autumn. The class enjoyed their welcome service in the church this week as well as being part of the harvest service.
This week we looked at the books, ‘Five Minutes Peace’ and ‘The Big Book of Families’. We drew pictures of own families and talked about what we like to do as a family. In Maths we learnt all about the number four and how we can make it. We orally rehearsed number sentences and some of us had a go at writing them. In Phonics we enjoyed playing the game ‘You can cross the River’ to help us learn how to blend a word back together.
A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronunciation of phonemes (units of sound)
Songs to help your child learn their sounds in a fun way.
We visited the church today so we knew what to expect at our Welcome Service and Harvest Festival. We enjoyed learning about all the different parts of a church.
This week we have looked at the text ‘Do you like?’ We have explored the things we like and those things we like even better. In Phonics we have be working on identifying words that rhyme and in Maths we have been looking at the connections between the numbers one, two and three.
We have had a busy start to our first term at school. We have each painted pictures of our faces to recognise how we are all different. We have enjoyed exploring our new inside and outside classroom, making lots of new friends. As a class we have be working on keeping our class rules.