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On Friday 6th March, we hosted a Maths puzzle day for schools in our collaboration. Year 6 attended in the morning and Year 5 in the afternoon.

The first problem we had to solve was balancing various items (barrels, cannon balls, luggage, gold bars) on a boat. We found that the best strategy was to put the heavier things on the inside and balance items each side so it was symmetrical. 

Ellie: "I liked the one where you had to build a balancing tree but you weren't allowed two of the same colour touching."


Lee: "I learnt that team work gets you further than independent work. TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)."


Hollie: "I enjoyed the puzzle where you had to find the pattern/code to complete a jigsaw puzzle."


Jack: "I found the puzzle where you had to find the pattern first frustrating because some of it didn't fit where it should. We solved it in the end!"


Aliya: "I found out today that when you work as a team, you find things easier to achieve. With my team, we collaborated well and we managed to complete the most challenges!"


Sophie: "I found that my team worked well together and together we managed to do the most challenges."